Photos: Bai Enpei, Chinese Politician Sentenced To Death For Collecting $37Million Bribe

ban enpei death sentence

Oct 11, 2016 – Pictures: Bai Enpei, Chinese Parliament Member, Former Communist Party Boss Given Suspended Death Sentenced With A 2-Year Reprieve For Collecting $37Million Bribe

A 70-year-old Chinese Lawmaker found guilty of bribery and corruption has been sentenced to death.

Ban Enpei, was accused of collecting 246 million Chinese Yuan ($37 million) bribe between Oct 2001 and August 2011.

He was handed a suspended death sentence with a two-year reprieve which means he may be put to death in two years time.

china communist party boss death sentence

Typically, death sentence for convicts with good behaviour are converted to life imprisonment in China.

Ban Enpei will spend the rest of his adult life in jail if he didn’t commit any further offence.

His citizenship has been revoked as Chinese government seized all his personal properties.

The former Communist Party boss of Qinghai and Yunnan province got the verdict at Anyang City Intermediate People’s Court in Henan province.

11 thoughts on “Photos: Bai Enpei, Chinese Politician Sentenced To Death For Collecting $37Million Bribe

  1. He has nothing to loose. The man is old! More so, when will corrupt leaders in my beloved country be sentenced to death by hanging? Thinking aloud.

  2. Can this happen in Nigeria? oh! I meant to say “hell would break loose if this happen to criminals in political clothing in naija” Good for him

  3. Your Children will inherit the money, you can go and have peace there. you really try well well. may your soul rest in peace. Amen. I will continue praying for you

  4. How i wish we have such law, i bet u Nigerian will be the best country in the world… by now the life of Olisa metuh, Dasuki,jonathan,obasanjo,dopesi,iyabo obasanso,patient jonathan, tinubu,amaechi and so on and so fort, will have been on a death role by now

  5. @ Metu Nyetu. Nigerian people only copy the bad side of America, but NOT good side of America. if they can copy good side of America, Nigeria will even be better than this

  6. @metu even to copy from American self na lie… dem go still pad am up..

    God will save Nigeria oo


  7. Oh God how I wish…obj..mimiko..Dickson..OShiomole..Amechi..fayose..Jonathan..bankole..David mark..yerima..Allison..babangida…inshort even buhari and others to numerous to mention will learn from this…ehn…

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