Video Of Erdogan Ceren,Turkish Guy Who Killed Himself Live On Facebook Goes Viral

erdogan ceren suicide video

Oct 11, 2016 – Video Of Heartbroken Turkish Man Who Committed Suicide Live On Facebook After Girlfriend Cheated & Broke Up With Him Goes Viral

Pictured above is a 22-year-old Turkish citizen who reportedly killed himself  live on Facebook around 3pm yesterday.

The Turkish guy by the name of Erdogan Ceren opened fire on himself at his family home in Osmaniye Province Eastern Turkey because he couldn’t cope after his girlfriend of just 6 months slept with another man and dumped him.

Speaking in Turkish language, the man faced the camera saying

“no one believed it when I told them I will end my own like now watch this”.

His first attempt failed, readjusting the camera, he told viewers again to “watch this” before the trigger went off.

In the viral suicide video, Erdogan Ceren groaned in pain for few seconds before everything went still.

See what his brother wrote shortly after he committed suicide.

See more photos of Erdogan Ceren below

He has been laid to rest.

He took his own life without making any attempt to use his heartbreak to encourage others going through what he went through. What a life!

Suicide is not the end of life’s problem. It is a selfish and coward act not approved by God.

12 thoughts on “Video Of Erdogan Ceren,Turkish Guy Who Killed Himself Live On Facebook Goes Viral

  1. Eeeee tell me this is not true! Omo! I no fit die for love ooo.???????????????????????????? what a wasted life!

  2. @JOY, YOU GOT it! A man’s face is sad and confused that is about to commit suicide. But here is a smiling face. Psycho!

  3. na wa oooo , Hmmm oyibo boy , Chia , love ke , me die for wetin , omo eeeh na 50 .50 ooo ,nw na 1 0 , eyiyaaa, sorry ooo ndo , the problem is dat u are a fool and a f coward , mumu , u are a disgrace to men folks, get out

  4. I feel bad for the poor guy who ended his life. I would bet that while he was lying there, as his life slowly ebbed, he had regrets of his tragic, irreversible decision. While suicide is the end of life, it’s only the beginning of eternity…

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