Photos: Bank Robber Beaten To Death In Minna Niger State For Snatching N400K @ Gunpoint

bank robber beaten to death minna

July 8, 2016 – Pictures: Armed Robber Beaten To Death In Minna Niger State After Snatching N400,000 From Man At Gunpoint

A man caught robbing a bank customer in Niger state today has been beaten to death.

According to eyewitnesses, the suspect trailed his victim from a bank in Kpakukun area of Minna today to a remote area where he allegedly robbed him of close to N400,000 at gunpoint.

Luck however ran out of him when a group of youths who saw what had happened blocked his escape route and descended on him.

They first recovered the money for the rightful owner before beating a bloody mess out of him.

The man reportedly gave up the ghost before policemen came to take his lifeless body away.

See photos from the scene of the extreme jungle justice

6 thoughts on “Photos: Bank Robber Beaten To Death In Minna Niger State For Snatching N400K @ Gunpoint

  1. What kind of promising life is that, someone robbing people at gun point, its a good thing that he is taken off d sreets.
    Who knows hw many people he has done dis to, not to talk of d trauma he has put his victims through.
    Let him rot in hell.

  2. He was trying to use the method employed by ” one chance” robbers but ran out of luck. I’ m almost certain he would have preferred the alternative punishment of having his theifing hand cut off.

  3. If this is really what happened then perfect jungle justice..

    kinda confused with GUN and they descended on him!

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