Photos: Boiling Ring Fire Burns 80-Year-Old Landlord To Death In Surulere Lagos

fire burns landlord to death surulere lagos

September 13, 2016 – Pictures: Fire Caused By Boiling Ring Burns 80-Year-Old Landlord To Death In Surulere Lagos

A male tenant using boiling ring at 3 Aborishade Close in Lawanson area of Surulere Lagos has killed his landlord.

According to Lagos ERT, the building caught fire this morning after a boiling ring being used in the last room on the top floor of the house led to the fire outbreak that engulfed the whole building.

While others escaped, Mr Godwin Oyia couldn’t be rescued as there was no one to carry him out.

5 thoughts on “Photos: Boiling Ring Fire Burns 80-Year-Old Landlord To Death In Surulere Lagos

  1. Hmmm! This is not a pleasant news. When one is using electrical devices, one needs to be xtra ordinary careful. Rip man.

  2. so u knw dat u r a vry carefree human being,and u go and be using boiller in another persons house abi? as u don burn the house and kill ur landlord oya! come carry cup u don oga landlord.

  3. at last you will no longer pay for house rents… you are now a free man in a roofless house. without any doubt i know you are clueless and know nothing about electrical appliances you just threw another people’s family into unprepared tears.. you should be punished for being careless and also be charged for murder..
    IT IS A KNOWN FACT THAT nobody is perfect but you have to be extra careful when it comes to electronic most especially boiling ring , it has caused so many similar occurrence.
    #clueless human

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