Photos: Brazilian Bodybuilder Injects Oil Into Muscles To Look Like The Incredible Hulk

Valdir Segato

October 5, 2016 – Pictures: Brazilian Bodybuilder Valdir Segato  Injects Oil Into Muscles To Look Like The Incredible Hulk

Check out these unbelievable photos of a 48-year-old construction worker in Brazil who is very determined to transform himself into The Incredible Hulk.

Valdir Segato is risking his life by injecting himself with potentially lethal and painful muscle oil, Synthol.

With 23 inches biceps as a result of painful oil injections, Segato who is based in Sao Paulo Brazil is even more determined to keep growing his muscles until he becomes a monster.

See more photos of Valdir Segato below

brazilian man the incredible hulkSegato as a child

15 thoughts on “Photos: Brazilian Bodybuilder Injects Oil Into Muscles To Look Like The Incredible Hulk

  1. MADNESS COMES in many types and degrees, just as humans come in many tribes and tongues. Look how deformed this man is! His bicepts are disproportionate with his forearms. His head hangs like a fullstop on his shapless bulk. He could have opted to be a wrestler if he so wished to build his muscles large, at least he would have still looked presentable.

    A MAN LIKE THIS, WITH ALL THE WILD MUSCLES, COULD instil fear to people. But the muscles are fake. He may not be even able to go 50 straight rounds of push-up. So what’s the use killing himself? He dares not face Brock Lesnar or even Roman Reings.

  2. ???????????????????????????? once upon a time, there was a cute young boy who leaves in Brazil. But today, he’s now a monster because he lacks second thought.

  3. Insanity ! Why did he not inject his face to make it proportional with his distended body?
    Misplaced priority ! Mchweeeeeeew !

  4. one day and very soon,u will feel sorry for your self and u will wish u had not done all ds to ur self.hummm reprobated mind.

  5. How do u describe insanity, this is just a typical example. he needs to inject his head as well.
    in d mean time a grave should be dug in readiness for a burial. smh

  6. Oh goodness gracious what was he thinking.
    @Goodluck pls rephrase ur comment, what makes u happy has to be in line with what makes God happy too. If God wanted him to look that way of course he would have been naturally born like that. If he’s married with children, then I bet a reasonable thinking woman would so be ashamed of calling him a husband in public and even in d bedroom.
    May God touch ur sense just a little #receive_sense

  7. Life is all about making choices…and I think this my dear Brazilian friend just make the wrong one…he looks terrible…

  8. damn man what he has done it’s just weird no one can win any competition on these steroids its all around imp from body

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