Photos: Coffins Ready For 7 Nigerian Drug Traffickers To Be Executed In Indonesia This Week

coffins nigerians executed indonesia

April 27, 2015 – Pictures: Coffins Ready For 7 Nigerian Drug Pushers, Dealers To Be Executed In Indonesia This Week

In less than 72 hours from now, 7 Nigerians convicted of drug trafficking would be killed in Indonesia.

As we speak, 7 coffins with the inscription RIP and names of the convicts have been laid down ahead of the scheduled execution that will begin tomorrow, Tuesday the 28th of April 2015.

The lawyer of one of the convicts, Utomo Karim said his client, Raheem Agbaje Salami has been notified he will be executed on Tuesday before midnight.

Karim said the convicts will be called in one by one and the execution will take between 30 minutes to one hour.

See more photos of the coffin makers and some of the Nigerians to be executed in Indonesia below:

nigerians executed in indonesia50-year-old Martin Anderson

41-year-old Okwudili Oyatanze

50-year-old Jamiu Owolabi Abashin

47-year-old Silvester Obiekwe Nwolise

Chineke meeeeeeee, Ikule abiyamo ooo.. See how Nigerians are putting themselves in harms way in Indonesia.

It is a pity. RIP!!!!

20 thoughts on “Photos: Coffins Ready For 7 Nigerian Drug Traffickers To Be Executed In Indonesia This Week

  1. Please my fellow Nigerians stop running as if u can never prosper in Nigeria. just be patient and do your research, there is gold yet undiscovered on Naija soil

    • Forgive does that trespass against u as we forgive as we trespass against God, dis is wht d bible says. I believe indonesia president shld read dis carefully b4 any further action. No man as power 2 kill.

  2. Dis is d worst moment of their lives. 2liv wit d knowledge of d hour of ur death is a heavy burden in deed. D only good thing here is dat they could commit their souls 2 God b4 they reach live’s threshold.

    Nigerians are a pitiable peopl. It would hav been diff were our govt mor responsibl. 2 bad.

  3. did i hear Owolabi or Anderson this 2 men are they 4rm ****, and i didnt see all this *** haters, boko haram are not ****, yet i see no one to run their mouth on ****’s, what do we will call ? greedy or what? in Lagos most ***** are theives, what can *** call it? lazy or poorverty, still on the matter

  4. This is barbaric! They Are not suppose to kill this pple becos of drugs. The consequence of their offence does not weight death aba! The blood of this men will causes their land. Where is the heart off humanity nowadays????? perilous time….

    • Omachoko Joseph, is you ask what is the excess? The excess be say they was do am two much. But the essence be say they was say they must do am two much. Is both.

  5. @Niyi, u could hav disagreed wit Ola wdout being abusiv. U & Adeola maintain dat dis is barbaric. Wat den wil u say about those guys who knew it dat diz Southeast Asian countries stipulate in their laws death penalty 4 drug trafikers, yet peddled d substance? Is it not stiff-necked stupidity?

    Pls here are d 11 countries of dis Southeast Asia dat execute drug trafikers, in case u hav sombdy who wants 2 travel there wdout a genuine intent: Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand,& Vietnam.

    Once dem catch u na die o! Make u advice ur friends o! Dem no know wetin barbaric mean o!


  7. GOD hv mercy on their poor souls is a pity 47 to 50 yrs due 2 poverty here in nigeria dey find solace elsewhere which led 2 their death try ur luck on drug dosen’t help it’s prohibited dis should serve as a lesson 2 others who ar looking 4 fast money

  8. If you can’t go through the gas chamber don’t do the crime. If you must do this drug business please, go to the Country where they will keep you in the cell room at least for long time. In addition to the above Nigerians, there are two Australian citizen who were schedule to die along side these Nigerians. Their government fought tooth and nail to get their sentence commute to life imprisonment but their plea was turned down by Indonesian President who insist that letting them off the hook will be bad precedents for other drug barons who will not take them seriously. The Australian government insist there will be consequence if eventually their citizens were executed but would that reverse their decision? this Country have its own law and power to govern without external control.

  9. it’s not because of poverty,there is no poverty in Nigeria, any poor man in Nigeria just choose to be poor,Nigeria has 100% success possibility,don’t be lazy don’t be greedy,with these you will make earth life and live long,Indonesians please kill any Nigerian you caught with drug no sentiment

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