Photos: Colombian Surgeons Remove Live Grenade From Soldier’s Face, Victim Survives

doctors remove grenade soldiers face

June 10, 2016 –Pictures: Colombian Doctors Remove Live Grenade From Soldier’s Head, Victim Survives

A soldier who accidentally fired a live grenade inside his own head in Arauca, Colombia on Sunday has been rescued.

Doctors transported the soldier to a military hospital in Bogota, the capital of Colombia where a quick operation was carried out in the car park of the hospital to avoid tragedy due to the danger of the grenade exploding.

One of the surgeons who carried out the operation said the grenade was successfully removed and the soldier is now in stable operation.

He said 4 more surgeries will be needed to reconstruct the soldier’s shattered face.

grenade fired soldier facegrenade soldier's head colombia

9 thoughts on “Photos: Colombian Surgeons Remove Live Grenade From Soldier’s Face, Victim Survives

  1. We have such fantastic surgeons in Nigeria but our hospitals are dilapidated due to corruption. Kudos to the government of Colombia for making the situation conducive for people to do their job. Is it not a shame that our president has to be flown to London to treat common ear infection? Does it mean Nigeria does not have ENT doctors?

  2. I no understand this one. How did the weapon end up in his face if not by explosion? Or is there something like by-explosions where a series of other explosions follow the parent one?

    If there was the danger of the grenade actually exploding in the soldier’s face, then I’d have to doff my hat for the surgeons who braved it to remove that weapon. To hell and back. They are real daredevils!

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