Niger Delta Avengers Blow Up Agip Oil Pipeline In Bayelsa, Vows To Cripple Oil Production In Nigeria

June 10, 2016 – Niger Delta Avengers Blow Up Agip ENI Oil Pipeline In Bayelsa State Around 3am On Friday As Militants Vow To Cripple Oil Production In Nigeria

In its determination to cripple oil production in Nigeria, the group revealed on its Twitter handle @NDAvengers, that it blew up the Obi Brass trunk line belonging to Agip ENI at 3 a.m on Friday.

The militant group currently on rampage in the South blew up Crude Oil Pipeline beling to Agip ENI in Delta state few days after they destroyed a pipe line at Sanomi creek in Warri South West.

Here is what the militants posted on Twitter shortly after the attack:

“It is good as foreign refineries stop buying Nigeria oil because the Nigeria state has been robbing the Niger Delta of her oil and gas.
“We will inform the international communities when we are open for business,”.

No doubt these militants are being sponsored by influential individuals.

Hope they will come to their senses before turning the oil rich state into a worthless structure.

15 thoughts on “Niger Delta Avengers Blow Up Agip Oil Pipeline In Bayelsa, Vows To Cripple Oil Production In Nigeria

  1. they are not fools , its just that you guys are so naive to see how poor people are denied of their ignored by rich,all the oil blocks in Niger Delta are owned by Hausa’s. so u guys should open your eyes to see. if you are from Niger delta you will feel what they are feeling. let the ****** go on untill this country is divided.


  2. To destroy don’t take long but to build may take eternity. Let this group wake up to reality.

  3. they dont realise the level of ever lasting harvõc they are inflicting on their land untill its late.can two wrongs make a right? is it by violence that they will get result?its highly pathetic and unfortunate.

  4. Useless people dey shud go nd drink the oil nd bath with it,thank God there is crude in lagos,maiduguri,bauch,sokoto nd zamfara!

  5. Bokem even if they give those Niger delta the whole money in the world they will never be satisfy. People in this nation are too money minded.

    After all the oil will soon get finish. continue to bomb. Stupid people. the quantity left not much so burn it until it finally gets finish then there after I will see what you will bomb or put on fire.

    Instead of you all to pray over isues destroy and finish it all then go start killing each others as usual.

  6. I dont blame those guys at all. If this oil were to be in hausa‘s land, two options would be given.
    1) It‘s either we agreed to be islamized as a Nation or…
    2) They will divide the country and cut off the rest from having access to the oil at all.

    An hausa muslim will not want to feed non-muslims for so long. Muslims are soooooooooo

    I take a stroll…

  7. why will u call dem a fool, they re being denied of there right, dey should continue till when the federal govt is ready for dialog.

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