Photos: Couple Living In Haunted House Caught Ghost Child Sleeping In Baby Cot On Monitor


ghostly child sleeping baby cot

June 24, 2017 – Photos: Couple Living In Haunted House Caught Ghostly Child Sleeping Near Baby On Monitor In Plymouth Devon England

Check out the shocking thing a couple discovered on their baby monitor in Plymouth earlier this month.

Meet Laurah Haigh and her partner Dean Evans.

The couple based in Plymouth city in Devon, South England were shocked to the bone when their baby monitor transferred disturbing images of a ghostly child sleeping near their baby boy to them.

On receiving the notification, Laura rushed to the baby room only to discover it was a teddy bear.

However moments later, they resumed monitoring the activities in their 18-month-old child cot, they still discovered the ghostly creature on their baby monitor but in real life, it wasn’t there.

At a point when they discovered their child waving to an unseen creature in the room, they believed  the creature meant no harm to their baby.

39-year-old Laurah Haigh, a mother of four and her 42-year-old partner Dean Evans, a boat builder said they still can’t explain what the image caught on camera on the 8th of June 2017 around 9:17pm is.

Quite strange.