Photos: Crippled Man Healed After Touching Iwene Tansi Body In Anambra

crippled man walk anambra

January 21, 2017 – Pictures: Crippled Man Rose & Walked At St Joseph Catholic Church In Aguleri Anambra

Crippled Man Walked After Touching Iwene Tansi Remains In Anambra State

A social media user Ozoemenam Tobe shared these photos of a crippled man who received his healing at Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Aguleri Anambra state yesterday during the remembrance ceremony of late Igbo Catholic priest Blessed Iwene Tansi.

In what the user called a First Class miracle, the crippled man walked for the first time in his life yesterday after touching Iwene Tansi remains.

See photos below


9 thoughts on “Photos: Crippled Man Healed After Touching Iwene Tansi Body In Anambra

  1. End time joker! God have mercy, every crocked way is boldly shown to almighty God,he know his sheep and his sheep know him.

  2. As far as I’m concern this guy in the picture is not a cripple. Why do we love to deceive ourselves? To some people, they have seen another Jesus whom by touching the tip of his linen garment you will be instantly healed. Until when somebody from this guy’s family comes forward to testify that he has been crippled from birth, this is a sham.

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