Photos: Didi Ekanem, Nollywood Actress With The Largest Butt Reveals What Men Love Most About Her


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September 21, 2016 – Pictures: Didi Ekanem, Nigerian Actress With The Biggest Butt Reveals What Men Love Most About Her

They call some wife material while others are simply referred to as ‘bed’ material.

Meet Didi Ekanem, the most endowed Nollywood actress of 2016.

In a recent chat with Potpouri, the Akwa Ibom-born actress says her big butt doesn’t stop her from performing magic in bed.

On why most women with big behind tend to be lazy in bed, the actress said:

“Because you feel girls with big bums are usually very lazy in bed doesn’t mean you are right, for me I’m very active, so, I’ll just speak for myself. I’m very flexible with my bum. Of course, I use it very well.”

In a recent interview, the actress told reporters a mad man once grabbed her butt as she walked past him on the street.

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It seems people can’t get enough of her endowment.

The Ukwu lady is jokingly referred to as ‘Idi’ Ekanem.