Photos: Doctors Patch Burn Victim’s Skin With Dead People’s Flesh After 3rd Degree Burn

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August 26, 2016 – Pictures: Doctors Patch Woman’s Skin With Dead People’s Flesh After 3rd Degree Burn 

Meet 18-year-old Alexandra Worthington, a British citizen who has undergone over 25 surgeries to get back on her feet.

Several years ago, she was engulfed in a hot orange light while playing the game of igniting alcohol with her relatives.

Her face,skin and eyelids melted. She immediately went into a coma and woke up few weeks later with a tube passed down her throat.

Worthington who now works as a burn counselor said doctors used flesh of dead people to restore the skin covering her elbows, back,arms, stomach, legs and thighs.

Fortunately for her, her body didn’t reject the skin replacement surgery.

[Photos credit: Alexandra Worthington]

7 thoughts on “Photos: Doctors Patch Burn Victim’s Skin With Dead People’s Flesh After 3rd Degree Burn

  1. I THANK God for her life! Tech advances in medicine and surgery, what a breakthrough! But when I think that hers was completed with skins from dead people, I shudder—cringe, goose pimples. I hope she is psychologically balanced with this knowledge, or she might be having nightmares very often.

  2. technology at it peak… Nigerian government should learn from this and start putting all this evil doers posted on this site in one place so that they would be forcefully useful since they don’t want to be useful either dead or not LOL ????… congrat mhiz for the successful operation…

    #clueless human

  3. @Metu Nyetu, usually the use of any part of a dead person in replacing any damaged organ of a living person is done with the consent of the donor, I.e. the now dead person who must have expressed a wish that part of his dead body be so used by doctors. That it is the skin that is involved in this instance is no different from donating any other organ in aid of advancement of medical science.
    If the recipient feels spooked by the gift, it might help to view the entire thing as a precious gift from a friendly and caring “ghost” who will not harm the donee. After all, it takes a very special kind of person to donate himself or herself for the benefit of a stranger.

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