Photos: Yahoo Boys, Internet Fraudsters Arrested In Warri Delta State After Rituals In Oyo State

yahoo boys arrested warri delta state

August 26, 2016 – Pictures: Yahoo Boys, Internet Fraudsters Arrested In Warri Delta State After Rituals In Oyo State

Some suspected fraudsters were caught in Delta state yesterday while returning from a ritual trip in Oyo State.

According to eyewitnesses, the group were busted following a tip off from one of the drivers of the buses they chartered from Benin to Sapele but before they could get to their destination, police officials have caught up with them.

One of the suspects who identified himself as a Simeon, from Otefe Polytechnic told police he stays in Sapele.

He confessed to police officials that they were returning from a ritual that took place in Oyo State aimed at making their “Yahoo business” effective.

Items caught on them include 4 used ladies pants, old mat, 2 used bras and used ladies wigs and several other concoction items.

They were beaten to stupor before police took them away.

internet fraudsters arrested warri delta state

They are currently in police detention in Warri.

Youths of nowadays need to be very careful.

Doing money ritual of any sort is like signing your own death sentence.

15 thoughts on “Photos: Yahoo Boys, Internet Fraudsters Arrested In Warri Delta State After Rituals In Oyo State

  1. Using womens’s used items of clothing as ritual materials is expected to aid your Internet fraud business? If you were born by women it will not succeed otherwise, may you never know the comfort of any woman in your life. Cursed vagabonds !!!

    • You shouldn’t judge from your own point of view… Your far away so you don’t really know whats up

      • Mr/Mrs/Miss Anonymous, you are talking wrought, can you discern if your sisters /wife’s under wears are involved there???, say NO to bad things and advise correctly

  2. This is really bad.
    People now want to make money by all means.
    Government should also provide youths with more jobs to distract them from such acts.

  3. LADIES OOOHHH! call yourself to order all that glitters are not GOLD… i pray these guyz be dealth with because many of them are being caught on daily basis but NGpolice and MONEY ehnn

    #clueless human

  4. SO IS it only ladies’ items that give efficacy to your jazz? I de suspect that babalawo wey una go see.

  5. What these guys are doing is nothing but money ritual. How could these lying Babalawo tells you to go and bring women Underwear, women pad, Bra in order to boost your yahoo business. You are the most foolish people I have ever seen. What does that correlate? Internet fraud and Ritual. These devil incarnate native Doctors are just using you to bring human part so that he can use it for something else.

    How would you feel if you hear that one yahoo boy has used your sister reproductive organ for ritual and as a result, your sister would not be able to conceive for the rest of her life? You are only going after temporary thing which is not even guarantee will last. As soon as you get bursted, most of these charms is destroyed already and you should be expecting the repercussions aside the punishment you are going to receive from the government.

    Boys there is no money ritual charm. If you eventually come across Balalawo who is assuring you, you can make money by doing that, he is not going to tell you the consequence. That is why most of them will never do it for any of their relatives or families. Even if they succefully made it for you, they will later tell you to be bringing a young girl every month as a sacrifice or a pregnant woman. Now think about this, do you have that gut to be turning in your fellow human being as a sacrifice every month for the rest of your life. Do you know how many human being you must have killed?.

    How do you want to do something and not have a peace of mind? Guilty conscience kills quickly than heart attack. You guys are too young for all these stupid shit. Upon making that money what you do most with the money is spending it on another girls and oppress your friends and neighbors. You guys of nowadays are young by age but very wicked than devil himself. If you want to do yahoo,? why can’t you just do that without using human being known as yahoo plus. Get yourself busy with something meaningful not hanging around those native doctors who have no life. They could have done it for their children if it is easy or without consequence. You guys are not reasonable at all.

  6. I hope its not that those items is not of those people they used for d rituals.
    Ladies beware of lazy boys who just go about doing nothing other than gettg rich quick.
    All that glitters is not gold.

  7. please ladies take note when you go to your boyfriend after sex find your panties if you cant see it raise alarm to find your your panties

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