Photos: Drama As Family Forced Beautiful Lady To Marry A Virgin Guy From Her Village

beautiful girl forced to marry village guy

August 27, 2016 – Pictures: Drama As Family Forced Beautiful Lady To Marry A Virgin Man From Her Village

Chai!!! Who is the wicked matchmaker behind this loveless marriage.. It is obvious she doesn’t love him

Juju asides, this kind marriage may not last for a week.

If a lady can’t tolerate her husband in public like this, how can she allow him to take a room in her “inner chamber “.

Nawa ooo…. What a strange tradition!

20 thoughts on “Photos: Drama As Family Forced Beautiful Lady To Marry A Virgin Guy From Her Village

  1. I feel for her, what kind of broom is this. She how he is standing like a tree

    Give the girl my no, i will love to make her feel like a woman again

  2. Obviously, this guy is in for a house boy‘s affair with this lady. He will take commands from her and run errands for her. There is no love attatched to this union.
    What‘s even so special here? Is it bcos he is a virgin?

    I would have love to send this lady my contact BUT I‘m not yet searching. Only my Oga, Metu is.
    Bench does not need any more search as mrs Eranko is fully there for him.
    As for Mary something… Ok, I no talk anything o…

    I take a stroll…

  3. Do you conclude. He is a virgin because of his stiff posture ? If he. Really is a virgin, his aloofness could well be because he is not”acclimatized” yet to the lady, but he will surely learn. Take the picture again one month into their marriage and play “Spot the Differences” between the new photo and this present one and see whether or not my theory is correct.
    Happy Married Life and adventurous discoveries to the couple !!!

  4. wonders will never seize to end! look at how she is feeding him with that glass of whine (with the inner taught that after this you will not drink any again) and the mumu virgin just dey swallow dey go… i don’t believe culture like this still exist how will a beautiful African woman like this be forced to marry… come to think of it how do they know that the boy is still a virgin?. shey male dey wey no be virgin (at least no meter)

    #clueless human

  5. WE ARE not told wherever on this earth that this kind of thing had happened. Perhaps, this is a movie script. But taking it for real, this guy is a very shy male, and I think that if ever he is truly a virgin, it is very probably due to this shyness. This kyn marriage I no understand.

    LOLZ @D HUNTER. Make you just dey there de say you no de search until you wake up one morning and realize say na your 54th birthday.

  6. this guy is no romantic at all,see as he stand like a sacrificial lamb,and wetin the beautiful lady dey give the virgin boy to drink? is it abobo juice or zobo drink?, bcus i knw this kind of guy no go fit afford bettetr wine.

  7. D Hunter, I am so laughing!!! Metu Nyetu is the one searching? U guys r so funy. I read en enjoy yo posts always ( You, Metu en Bench). But seriusly, this looks like some piece extracted from an African movie. Girl so beautiful en guy looks like a shamba boy. No offence, just thinking aloud.

  8. This brother do not have any flexibility at all the way he’s standing,I think he should be in the Army even his facial expressions still telling he’s a virgin so he need to be teach how to smile too.
    Enjoy your marriage & your learning process

  9. Its lack of money that is disturbing dis guy by d time money comes all his paiko face will just change, marriage do change people u knw.

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