Photos: Evangelist Patience Ozokwor Mama Gee To Minister At A Crusade In Accra Ghana Today

mama gee minister church ghana

Nov 6, 2015 – Pictures: Evangelist Patience Ozokwor Mama Gee To Minister At A Crusade In Accra Ghana Today

Check out these latest photos of Nollywood actress Mama Gee enjoying life quietly in Accra Ghana.

She was invited by Prophet BB Frederick as a guest minister at Wonder City Chapel church in Accra Ghana.

The event tagged Holy Ghost Night will start at 9pm Nigerian time.

See photos of Mama Gee eating dinner with Prophet Frederick

9 thoughts on “Photos: Evangelist Patience Ozokwor Mama Gee To Minister At A Crusade In Accra Ghana Today

  1. Ah ah, when did she become an evangelist? Oh no people are getting fooled every day and they are falling for it. Really? using actresses to promote churches is the in thing now. Nigerians, wake up please.

  2. That crusade is going to the filled up with so many people because of mama G. People are going there not to listen to the world of God but to see an actress.

  3. Patience God punish you,your father.
    With that you old toto wey grey hair dey on top.
    We are in end times my ppl,jesus is coming soon.
    So so many false and fake prophets here and there,
    I know of a false prophet who sleeps with women in his aous all in the name of prayers .
    God punish Devil.
    Its the new thing with dead career nollywood actors and actress esp from igbo land.
    God punish all igbo ppl,they can do anything to scam,fools

    Soon all d nollywood actors n actress go turn pastor,as its the new trending business venture,frm scam artists such as Zack orji,eucharia,now na mama G.
    Soon mr ibu and francis odega go become pastors too.

    Stupid fools.
    Na wetin dem want be that,see the greedy pastor eating like a lion.
    Go see I’m church,lot off ppl r suffering,some don’t even af food am sure,but since I’m b pastor,lion share must be his cut.
    God punish Devil.

  4. Nonsense!!!, this is pure church business. what is Christendom turning into? and the annoying part is that Mama G agreed to be called an evangelist just like that, because she feels she is popular and that her presence can pull the needed crowd for the church business things abi? Oh God have mercy on them…

  5. How does being an actress affect her calling? Why are we quick to judge and condem people? God can use any body even mama Gee.


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