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Patience Ozokwor: God Didn’t Tell Me To Stop Acting

patience ozokwor 2020

Patience Ozokwor: God Didn’t Tell Me To Stop Acting

Veteran Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwor has started the year on a good note.

The actress who has been flaunting lovely photos of her children on the social media since the year began has some message for her fans.

Read her message below.

“It is not true that I said I do not want to be referred to as Mama G. I did not say so. It is the people that want to sell their papers that told that lie. God did not say I should retire from my work; after all, we act dramas in church. He did not tell me to stop acting and he did not tell me to stop bearing Mama G.

Mama G is not a bad name, there are people who have bad names and he said they should drop them. Mine is not bad. The meaning of Mama means mother and the G stands for General. I am everybody’s mother. Even the scripture says that I am a mother to everybody, even the motherless children. I am just lucky because everything is falling into place.”

On Why she stops wearing dreads;

“My children are Christians and my daughter got born again at the age of five. She is in London and she has nothing against my faith. It was when I had an encounter with God that people started calling her to inform her that I was running mad and they became worried. After I finished my 30 day encounter with God and came out of it, when she saw me, she knew I was fine. I have been like this since I was a member of the Scripture Union.

I don’t have any problem with my children, we are all fine and they are proud of me. In fact, they are my best friends. I go to places where I can talk not only at churches or crusades, I talk about the word of God anywhere I can. I need to tell everyone the truth about the word of God.

The Lord said that I should remove my dreads because even though my dread is from my natural hair, whenever I am preaching against weaves and telling ladies that it is demonic, people may think I am carrying one and they begin to ask why I have such on my head.”

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