Photos: Fayose Punishes Ekiti Secretariat Civil Servants Who Came Late To Work

fayose punish civil workers

August 31, 2015 – Pictures: Fayose Disciplines Ekiti Secretariat Civil Servants Who Came Late To Work, See Adults Kneeling & Crying Like Kids

There was a mild drama at the Ekiti State Secretariat this morning after Governor Ayodele Fayose caught some civil servants coming late to work around 8:13am.

These civil servants were supposed to resume work at 8:00am but due to family issues,most of them resumed work around 8:13am.

The governor set up a trap for them with a personal visit.

Most of them scampered for safety on sighting Fayose but the ones he caught were subjected to the most degrading and inhuman treatment of them life.

However, Fayose took the punishment too far with his usual exuberance and dictatorial style.

After tongue lashing the workers for several minutes, he threatened to sack them, several of the workers and many who are older than Fayose were forced to go on their knees to beg the controversial governor so as to save their job.

See more photos below

civil workers kneels to beg fayose

This is the most inhuman and degrading treatment meted out to Nigerian workers since the advent of democracy in 1999.

Ekiti people haven’t seen anything yet. This is the beginning of a dictatorship era.

20 thoughts on “Photos: Fayose Punishes Ekiti Secretariat Civil Servants Who Came Late To Work

    • He should give 12lashes to them each THAT IS HOW THEY MESS UP GOVERMENT OFFICES…next time they would not come late!!! COWS WHEN YOU PEOPLE WHERE VOTING HIM WHERE YOU BLIND!!! THAT MAN NA BAD GUY!! I LIKE HIM!

  1. I have no sympathy for them . They voted the charlatan into power just for bags of rice.
    Their suffering has just started. A very indecent fellow.

  2. I love that, infact i love all his actions, yes that is how it should be, (ACTION GOVERNOR)

  3. Why do you come late? I am very sure this is not first time this people came late is normal for all government work in Nigeria. This people don’t care Oga is their Man ???? friend sex them,Men among them their Oga is their Brothers and sisters,Uncle,Aunty etc . They are untouchable. Baba God cash you today. Yoruba says Ojo gbogbo Ni Ti Ole Ojo kan Ni Ti Oloun. Please come to London and work for Local council. If you come late you are Fire

  4. This is a real Governor. Others should emulate him. Imagine the numbers of workers who claimed to be having family issues. Kindly sack them and employ our young graduates. Corrupt,lazy workers. Politics aside, this is the best way to make government workers effective. God bless you Governor Fayose.

  5. What can i say?, truely is good act to check the state works because they have to work the money they are collecting, Ekiti People is lucky to have Mr Ayo fayose as their state governor on this aspect but he should tender mercy on them, am pleading on behalf them please MR GOVERNOR .

  6. When you choose a TOUT to be your leader what do you expect? Ekiti people never see anything yet. This is part of the stomach infrastructure.

  7. Ayo Fayose,think twice and don’t forget those days when you are picking scraps all over here in London.position is not forever. Be kind and gentle to others.

  8. Naijagists at it there anything wrong in in paying ur employees an unannounced check and balance? Imagine the number of workers that came this not wat pmb and cohorts are preaching? So its has Become a crime for another person from other party to do that.Fayose the action man,all ur enemy will die of head ache.haters shame on you

  9. Not sure what the fuss is all about , you mean they all had personal issues;how convenient, they just cannot be bothered. This is our attitude to work that gets us in trouble even when we work in well developed societies.You can’t blame the man for he did not ask them to kneel down and grovel .This is so so typical Nigerian- God should help us.

  10. @ EKITI PEOPLE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This is just d episode one of season one. dont forget u stil have up to season twelve(12) to watch. GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!!!

  11. Its high time people say the truth. Ask your self is it right to come late. We all know most of this government workers dont even go to work and they get paid. sOME OF THEM WILL EVEN BE COMING BY 10 OR 12PM. Am sure if Ambode do the samething lot of government workers will be caught in lagos too. Can they do the same thing in the Private Sector? They come to work late and close early

  12. Would they rather lose their jobs (livelihood) than prostrate and kneel to beg His Majesty Gov. Ayo Fayose? I am not a Fayose fan, but I believe they got what they deserved. The major problem with Nigeria is indiscipline (God bless late Maj-Gen. Babatunde Idiagbon, who identified the problem). How can more than 50 people all come late to work in one day? Is that how to run an office efficiently? If they cannot beg to keep their jobs, they should accept termination letters and let others that know how to be on time, the opportunity to get employed. With all the people unemployed and looking for jobs in Nigeria’s economy, why blame the Governor?

  13. if is PMB THAT did this it should have been commendible,, weldon governo others shujd copy from him, checkout the number of ppl that cameto work late in one day how can we move this country foward like this.

  14. Hahahahahahahaha… I can’t stop laughing,I never see this from a governor before. What a lesson! Some workers deserves that… It reminds me of military regime… Hahahahaha…

  15. Time machine is the best bet, when you get to the office you will have to place your fingers on it, then the machine will compare it to the one in the machine’s memory all in less than two seconds. If you’re late, you get paid for the hours that you put in. Mr Gomina does not need to appear, all he needs is time records; arrival and departure. If there is a pattern to the tardiness, then that should trigger a query. Three queries in a quarter(3months) must result in termination .

  16. Ekiti people deserved much better treatment than this dictatorial and military style of discipline/leadership. Imagine, Many educated workers in the 21st century who knows little or nothing about their human rights. This is a global shame. Ayodele Fayose is an hypocrite.He was always quick to criticise Buhari.

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