Photos: Indian Muslim Woman Shot In Throat By Brother For Rejecting Arranged Marriage Survives

indian woman shot on throat

July 12, 2016 – Pictures: Brother Shoots Muslim Woman On The Throat For Rejecting Arranged Marriage In India, Victim Survives

Pictured here is Shabnam, a recent survival of family honour killing.

Her brother reportedly opened fire on her throat for rejecting her family’s wish for an arranged marriage and for marrying the man of her dream.

Mohammad Nayeem reportedly opened fire on Shabnam throat but she survived when the bullet struck a golden metal locket on her necklace.

The attempted honour killing was carried out by her blood brother when she went to the mosque to pray.

She is still being treated at an hospital in India.

Indian Police officials are yet to arrest her attacker as the injured woman is yet to officially lodge a complaint.

7 thoughts on “Photos: Indian Muslim Woman Shot In Throat By Brother For Rejecting Arranged Marriage Survives

  1. Miraculously you survived. Give that with a grateful heart, give thank to the Holy One, because He is a Mighty God

  2. They call it “honour killing”. What honour is it when you try to kill your own blood sister because he refused arranged marriage? I don’t know why indian and pakistan continue to have a high record of this kind of systematic killings of their daughters who refused their instruction base on whom to marry. This obviously is their tradition,the government of indian have to make a very sound law that criminalise whoever is trying to arrange any marriage for their daughters in other to stop this senseless attack on their daughters.

    • @Endure, I wonder o. And isn’t it another wonder that women are the only victims of this their “honour killing”? Or have you ever heard that a man was honour-killed? Violence against women.

  3. Its high time their government make a law sentencing to jail those engaged in arranged marriage in that country

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