Photos: Ini Edo Wears Yomi Fabiyi’s Wife Wedding Dress For Movie Shoot

ini edo yomi fabiyi wedding dress

Oct 27, 2014 – Pictures: Ini Edo Wears Yomi Fabiyi’s Wife Wedding Dress For Movie Shoot

A fan just brought this to our attention in response to Yomi Fabiyi’s divorce news.

Nollywood superstar Ini Edo recently featured in a movie titled ‘Father Moses’ produced by Yomi Fabiyi.

‘Father Moses’ is a story about various catholic families living a village. It also involves the governor of a state and his rascal son and Father Moses who’s in love with a girl from one of the catholic families and how the love between them generated lots of conflicts in the village.

Rokan(Yomi Fabiyi) governor’s son also fell in love with Adaobi(Ini Edo) daughter of a fellow church member. Adaobi had rehabilitated Rokan a heady and stubborn boy after causing the state a panic through his attitude.

After many trials, one thing led to another and they (Ini Edo and Yomi Fabiyi) got married.

Check out some photos from the movie set below:

Yomi Fabiyi and his estranged British wife Fran married on the 22nd of December 2012 in Lagos.

Ladies, can you allow another woman to wear your wedding dress?

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9 thoughts on “Photos: Ini Edo Wears Yomi Fabiyi’s Wife Wedding Dress For Movie Shoot

    • When it comes to wear wedding dresses on movie sets she is number 1, but lets get married and maintain our marriage she becomes fruitless. WHY?

  1. @ NaijaGists,

    I honestly dislike commenting on celebrities news. I just cant stand them. However, I feel good tonight to contribute. Here is my view, NaijaGists, you better inform and warn Mr. Fabiyi to make it clear as daylight to his Oyibo wife that the picture on top left is movie set. Otherwise, I smell trouble in their relationship soon.

    As for matrimonial wedding dress being used by Edo lady, I think it’s improper. But in the eyes of Oyibo people and celebs of all kinds, it may mean nothing to them since they can easily share their partners, oops!

    • I agree with you @ amada dis is totally unacceptable I suspect dis is why d white woman snapped on Fabiyi.
      There is no way Fabiyi can settle with a white lady

  2. I see nothing with Ini Edo wearing her wedding dress for movie, if there is understanding btw Yomi and his wife.

  3. What is special abt sharing ones wedding gown especially when u have no plan of wearing it again. Y do ppl sell off there wedding gown if it is something special? Meanwhile, it was used on movie set. Am seriously looking for how to dispose mine.
    NB: I hope naijagists would post my comment cos you have not been posting it each tym I comment.

  4. What is special abt sharing your wedding gown with someone especially when you have no plan of wearing it again or y do ppl rent wedding gown? . Meanwhile, ini used it on movie set not for her real wedding. Am even looking for buyer for my own.

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