Photos: A Look Inside Nigerian Air Force Chief, Adeola Amosu £2Million Mansion In London


adeola amosu mansion london

March 21, 2017 – Shamed Nigerian Air Force Chief, Adeola Amosu Owns Luxury Mansion On 50 Tenterden Grove In Hendon London

According to a recent investigation conducted by Denisaurus News, ex Chief of Air Staff, Adeola Amosu bought a mansion in London during his time in office.

The corrupt Air Marshall currently standing trial for stealing N22.8billion reportedly paid £2Million cash to secure the mansion located on 55 Tenterden Groove in Hendon North London.

See photos of the luxury mansion below:

7 thoughts on “Photos: A Look Inside Nigerian Air Force Chief, Adeola Amosu £2Million Mansion In London

  1. crooks everywhere.could u imagine such office holder and we blame the olopa for collecting 20naira roja on the highway..cleanse from top to bottom..past custom chief was also caught with lots of properties stashed away.lord have mercy

  2. This criminal just like all other of Jonathan’s ministers and army Chiefs looted Nigeria to bankruptcy, and bleeded the nation to its current life support situation. What is a naval chelf under the most corrupt and dumbest president doing with $2 millions dollars mansion in London with very expensive vehicles when our army are losing the war to Boko Haram? This offense just like the $2.8 billions dollars that Dansunki shared among Jonathan associates is a treason that calls for life in prison or death by hanging or firing squad. When an armed robber stole a car, they are easily sentenced to death, but those who put Nigeria in our current mess are enjoying their billions of dollars loots without any consequences. Nigeria is the most unfortunate nation in the world because our justice system is so corrupt that money can easily replace true justice, our legislators are crooks and criminals that only care about embezzling public funds, but our excutive arm of government under the leadership of President Buhari is the best in term of taxpayers tackling corruption and embezzlement of public funds in the last 40 years. The Bible says, “When there is no vision, the people perish ” The mismanagement, looting, corruption and misappropriation of trillions of dollars in oil revenues by vagabonds in power for over 40 years is what led to our current predicament. Obasanjo, IBB, Abacha, Abdu Sallam Abubakar, and dumb Jonathan destroyed Nigeria. Where is the $1.2 billions loot from former petroleum minister under criminal Jonathan? She is still sitting in London under the pretense of cancer treTment with billions of dollars that belongs to us-The people. Until public officials are faced with no other option than life in prison or death by hanging, corruption will eventually destroy Nigeria beyond repair. It is a shame!

  3. all his properties should be seized and he should be sentenced to nothing less than 30 years in jail these are people who destroyed the future of many Nigerian youths by their own selfishness all corrupt bastards should be punished

  4. The tax alone this man will be paying for such property will be enough to pay teachers salary in one state in Nigeria.
    Buhari,you are not doing what i expected you to do, i have said it several time for you to suspend the human right or protocol and start eliminating them with hanging.
    Their action is more than greed…that’s over wickedness.

  5. Oh my God, I drive down this road everyday as a rat run thru and fro to work. And my children school was 2 doors down. wow.

  6. The day we start killing these thieves will mark the beginning of the end to corruption in Nigeria. That is when you realize that we only have few patriots left in Nigeria because most of them are not ready to serve but to loot.

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