Photos: Man & Wife Pose As Tinubu & Daughter To Defraud Man Of N70Million & Another Of N15M

man posing tinubu defrauds 70millionAbioye Junaid

July 21, 2016 – Pictures: Couple Pose As Tinubu & Daughter To Defraud Man Of N70Million & Another Of N15Million

……Couple Promises To Make Victims Vice President Of Nigeria & Lagos State Commissioner

A man and his wife have been arrested for allegedly impersonating APC leader, Bola Tinubu to dupe innocent people.

The suspects 41-year-old Abioye Junaid (who impersonated Tinubu) and 39-year-old Fausat Junaid who impersonated Tinubu’s daughter, Folashade Tinubu defrauded two people of N85million between October 2014 and December 2015.

fausat junaidFausat Junaid

The incident took place at the couple’s residence, #7 Ayeola Street in Oke Balogun area of Epe Lagos.

They first duped one Ambali Abiodun of N15million with the pretext of making him a Commissioner in Lagos.

They later stepped up their game and defrauded one Otuniyi Adeniyi of N70million with the pretext of making him the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

They were today remanded in prison as Justice Sholadoye adjourned the case till August 26 for further hearing.

16 thoughts on “Photos: Man & Wife Pose As Tinubu & Daughter To Defraud Man Of N70Million & Another Of N15M

  1. chai !!!
    this is just too funny i swear…. my question is “when did TINUBU turn into INEC?”

  2. All of them are thieves, criminals, and indecent individuals. This story is one of the funniest lines ever reported on Why? What manner of a fool or maga paid such amount of money to be appointed a commissioner without being part and parcel of the governorship election process of the winning party? Another foolish person paid about N70 millions to be appointed vice president of Federal Republic of Nigeria without being appointed by the presidential candidate with the support of of the registered party. The fraudsters and those dumb fools are supposed to be arrested anD charge for bribery and financial fraud respectively. Honestly, I never thought that foolish people like these ones still exist in a place like Lagos, Nigeria. They are all guilty of criminal behavior.

  3. They wanted to buy post of Vice President of Nigeria? Wow! What vivid imagination? And despite Tinubu being Governor of Lagos State for all those years they do not know how he looks and thus believed these two fraudsters? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!
    The ” victims” deserved what they got.
    And, just where did they get so much money they used in paying these fraudsters ? Oh Naija people, there is always so many angles to your stories; one does not know whether to laugh or vex. Una dey try for bad behaviour sha o o o o o!!!

  4. Are they dumb or somethg, how can u see people like dis and regard them as someone who could help u with anythg talkless of making u vice president. FOOLS

  5. this can’t be ordinary..somebody has N70 Million in this Country and does not know what Tinubu looks like?

  6. I love this couple…. How can people part with their hard earned money to others in order to be whatever in the Govt offices. This is the reason Nigeria will never go forward.
    If in real sense people pay such money to their acclaimed God fathers and eventually be put there to serve the people the first thing they do is to empty the coffers first and money meant to serve the people are been diverted to recover from the bribe the already gave.

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