Photos: Meet Baby Boy Born Without A Nose, Eli Thompson

baby born without  nose

May 19, 2015 – Pictures: Meet Baby Boy Born Without A Nose, Eli Thompson 

Little baby Eli Thompson was born with a rare birth defect called Congenital Arhinia with the absence of a nose.

The birth deformity is so rare that it only happens in 1 out of 10 billion babies.

Ultrasound scan didn’t reveal any deformity until his birth. His parents Brandi & Troy Thompson were shocked to see a totally different baby after birth.

To help him breath a little easier, a surgery called Tracheotomy was done. He can’t cry so his mother has to keep a close eye on him to respond to his needs.

More surgeries will be carried out on him in the future.

Check out more photos of Baby Eli below;

Check out Eli Thompson’s current photo

4 thoughts on “Photos: Meet Baby Boy Born Without A Nose, Eli Thompson

  1. may Allah makes it esy for the baby and her parents.

    If this happened in Africa, the baby will be tagged ‘devil’

    “her parents must have done something evil”

    “they behest satan for the child”

    These are just a few nonsense coming from Africans

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