Photos: Mercy Aigbe Goes Into Skincare, Bleaching Business, Launches Flawless Beauty Line

mercy aigbe skin care bleaching business

June 3, 2017 – Photos: Mercy Aigbe Goes Into Skin Bleaching Business, Launches Flawless Skin Care Products Line

Mercy Aigbe has left her domestic violence saga behind and has launched a new business empire.

The mother of two is now the proud owner of Flawless by Mercy, a skin bleaching organic products line to treat dark spots, knuckles, stretchmarks and other skin problems.

Miss Aigbe guaranteed her fans that her products will lighten up and maintain the white tone of their skin.

On why she launched the skincare line, the actress said requests from her fans forced her to join the booming industry.

Here is what the smart business woman said:

Check out some of her products below

11 thoughts on “Photos: Mercy Aigbe Goes Into Skincare, Bleaching Business, Launches Flawless Beauty Line

  1. Very smart way to make money from many African women, especially naija chics they are all wanna be white just like that.

  2. When will our ladies learn. Bleaching is not good for you. Nothing better than natural skin. Black is beautiful.

  3. people beware all these mix mix chemical in flashy 5o dirham per session morrocan bath,it can make u white and flashy but in a long run it can cause serious damage to ur skin like skin cancer,strech mark ,body odour etc .One man divorce his wife of 12yrs cos he married d yellow woman inorder to get yellow pikins and black cos d man is black in complexion but all d 5 children he got was black when he find out that d wife is ebony black b4 ,he divorce her and married pure yellow sisi now d sisi deliverd triplets 2yellow girls and black boy and d mamw was very happy

  4. u think you just decieved the gullible people on social media after yr messy divorce..go take care of yr pikin u left alone in red carpet event answering questions and answers without parental guide.go ahead with yr bleaching cream business .

  5. sorry mercy, bobrisky don go already you are coming late to the business.. follow follow????????????!!

  6. The black race is in trouble. What is wrong with black skin??? Are we now saying that God made a mistake when he created black people? What legacy are we passing on to our children and generations yet unborn, as mothers of the nation? Rather than teaching our children technology advancement and academic excellence, we are teaching them a habit that will eventually lead to cancer, complications or possibly death if they have operations or C-section during child birth as the skin’s ability to heal naturally and resilience is destroyed by bleaching. Wasn’t Maryam Babangida beautiful with her ebony dark skin? Why must every woman be yellow or white to believe they’re beautiful? I honestly think you ladies need brain transplants. You now invest money that can go towards giving your children a good education in bleaching your skin. What a shame to the black race.

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