Photos: Missing Kenyan Man Found Drinking At Beer Parlour On His Burial Day


Wilson Oluoch

March 27, 2017 – Pictures: Missing Kenyan Man Found Drinking At Beer Parlour On The Day Of His Burial

This funny commercial motorcyclist identified as Wilson Oluoch was declared missing last week in a village in Awendo area of Migori Kenya.

When a decomposing body believed to be his own was found in a sugarcane farm near his home, his family members prepared a benefiting burial for him.

On Saturday the 25th of March 2017, they dug his grave and prepare meals according their culture.

To the shock of the grieving family members, someone found him drowning in bottles of beer at a bar in Rongo area of Kenya.

When they rushed to the beer parlour, Oluoch told them he was ashamed of returning home drunk everyday and causing havoc. He decided to start a new life in Rongo.

Back home in his village, weeping villagers gathered to celebrate. They ate and danced all day long as his family returned the unidentified body to the morgue.

Oluoch’s parents

Cleaning rituals is underway to allow Wilson Oluoch to return to his compound .