Murder Suspect Crowned Prison Beauty Queen In Kenya…Lady Who Stabbed Boyfriend 22 Times Honoured

murder suspect prison beauty pageant kenya

Sept 2nd, 2016 – Pictures: Murder Suspect, Kenyan Lady Who Stabbed Boyfriend 22 Times Crowned Prison Beauty Queen

Meet Ruth Kamande, a young lady who reportedly killed her boyfriend out of jealousy in September 2015.

She was crowned the winner of Miss Langata Prison in Nairobi Kenya this week.

Miss Kamande pleaded guilty to murder after she killed her boyfriend Farid Mohammed.

Kamande allegedly stabbed Mohammed 22 times after she saw a text message from another woman on his phone.

In addition to the brutal knife attack, she also cut his manhood into pieces.

The deceasedRuth Kamande

She is currently awaiting trial.

Which kind yeye beauty contest is this??? This is an indirect way of encouraging Kenyan ladies committing crime.

11 thoughts on “Murder Suspect Crowned Prison Beauty Queen In Kenya…Lady Who Stabbed Boyfriend 22 Times Honoured

  1. VERY ABSURD! However, when you remember that prisons are meant to be correctional facilities, this might not be entirely out of place. They teach inmates several cratfs and trades to make them better individuals when they eventually complete their terms. Yet I do not think that this award is any useful outside the prison walls. She would not even be bold enough to showcase it. Hence this is a shameful honour at the end of the day. And I would be enraged if I were the brother of her victim.

  2. I can’t simply understand the mode of operation in kenyan prison system. How on earth could a young lady who stabbed her husband 22 times and also cut his manhood into pieces be crowned the most beautiful woman of langata prison in kenya? there is obviously a problem tied with this system of rehabilitation of crime committers. This type of freedom while still in the prison is not meant to show a criminal the gravity of her offense and the punishment that will accompany such crime. This type of rehabilitation is completely senseless when she is yet to receive her sentencing in the court. I will not advice any country in the world to practice this type of rehabilitation even after such criminal lady has been sentence to many years in prison by the court verdict. This mode of operation in the prison for kenyan women will only end up encouraging them to continue in their crime after they might have been released in the future.

  3. committing crime or not is a personal decision.By being crowned doesnt mean she gained her freedom.Such activities are meant to showcase the diverse ways in which one can actively engage oneself with.If she has brains she will use the skills acquired to better herself incase she gets the opportunity to be free again,if not of course the law shall always prevail.No wonder Kenya leads the way in Africa and beyond when it comes positive thinking ,smart thinking,innovation etc because their minds are free and positive.Please shift your minds from the oppressing type of the end of the day the goal shall always be achieved.

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