Photos: Nigerian Army Brigadier Gen. Samson Ibok Etteh Kicks Woman Out Of Her House In Abuja


Nigerian Army Brigadier General Samson Ibok Etteh

April 6, 2017 – Photos: See How Nigerian Army Brigadier General Samson Ibok Etteh Kicked Woman, Doris Egeonu Out Of Her House In Kurudu Abuja

Sometime in June, 2015 Miss Doris Egeonu in search of accommodation met Brigadier-General Samson Ibok-Etteh (RTD) of Nigeria Army, whom out of sympathy offers her an accommodation at No 9B HU Kastina Street Phase II, Kurudu Army Estate. Brigadier-General Samson Ibok-Etteh (RTD) to Doris that the house belongs to his late friend (Naval Captain Inalegwu Ebije Odeh).

He equally brought to the notice of Doris that there is a matter in Court between the mistress (Miss Maraiam Ogwuche) and the deceased family over the property.

On the 3rd July, 2015 Doris formally moved into the apartment, not too long the deceased family approached her during their routine check to the property to know how she got into the build. They also confirmed to her that there is a matter in court in-respect to the building.

She narrated to them how she secures the apartment and wrote an undertaking to the decease family to vacate whenever they are in need of the property after pleading with them.

As event will have in October, 2016 the court gave its judgment in favour of the deceased family and consequently ordered the deceased mistress to return all the monies withdrawn from the deceased account and all the real estate of the deceased illegally acquired by her to the deceased family, which include the apartment where Doris is given as accommodation by Brigadier-General Samson Ibok-Etteh (RTD). Unknown to Doris that all the privileges she is enjoying through Brigadier-General Samson Ibok-Etteh (RTD) were not legal.

As matters keep unfolding Doris will always update Brigadier-General Samson Ibok-Etteh (RTD), at a time he blacklisted Doris calling her names such as traitor. On the 4th February, 2017 Doris got a threat message from her benefactor (Brigadier-General Samson Ibok-Etteh (RTD)) to through her load outside. This she reported to the deceased family who has equally given her privilege to continue to live in the apartment until they are in need of it.

The deceased family reassured her to continue to stay in the building, as they are not in need of the property for now. They also shown Doris the court verdict that makes the deceased family the rightful owner of the property. She got the threat message while in a church program and by the time she will get home all the apartment have been turn upside and my clothing, monies and valuable carted away with.

On the 8th of February is the climax of impunity, illegality and criminal assault , while Doris was taking her bath the Brigadier-General Samson Ibok-Etteh (RTD) forcefully enter into the apartment braking down the door.

She came out of the toilet to me heavily armed military Army offices with a female police officer, they started to throwing my things outside.

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4 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Army Brigadier Gen. Samson Ibok Etteh Kicks Woman Out Of Her House In Abuja

  1. Well, the actual matter that must have caused the fracas between Doris and Gen. Samson which resulted in the throwing out of her properties were not stated here.
    So they want us to guess what the matter maybe. To me, i will guess it’s a relationship (sexual) between the two that went sour unless they will tell us more.

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