Photos: Nigerian Banker Adebayo Ogunlesi Named As Donald Trump’s Economic Adviser

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December 3rd, 2016 – Pictures: Donald Trump Appoints Nigerian Banker Bayo Ogunlesi As Strategist On Economic Polic

Nigerian Investment Banker Adebayo Ogunlesi Named As Donald Trump’s Economic Adviser

A Nigerian has made it to the top of US President-Elect Donald Trump’s team.

Mr Bayo Ogunlesi, a popular Investment Banker has been appointed to join Trump’s 16-man Economic Policy team led by Stephen Schwarzman.

63-year-old Ogunlesi became popular in 2010 after he acquired Gatwick Int’l Airport in London, a deal that worth close to $2 billion.

Ogunlesi will be serving with CEOs of IBM and General Motors.

The group will hold its 1st meeting at the White House in February 2017.

Bayo Ogunlesi is the First Nigerian-American to be appointed by Donald Trump.

Last year, Obama named another Nigerian Adeyemo Adewale as his Deputy NSA for Int’l Economics.

13 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Banker Adebayo Ogunlesi Named As Donald Trump’s Economic Adviser

  1. Another trophy bearer son of Nigeria. We are so proud of him. We thank you and others for doing us proud, as opposed to committing fraud all over the world. God bless you and grant you more accomplishments. Hard work, honesty and integrity pays. A good name is better than ill-gotten wealth.

  2. Yes, Yorubas are achievers but never make noise about it eventhough they have all the educational infrastructures and all other economic advantages in Nigeria under their slieves. Yorubas are a friendly people and accomodating, the reasons why Yorubaland becomes the first choice of investment for both local and foreign businesses and hense attract all Nigerians of all tribes to grow and develop under equal opportunity. Adebayo Ogunlesi’s quiet demeanure is the typical attitude of the Yoruba people. Congrats.

  3. A very big congratulation to him and his families. I wish him all the best and pray for God to empower him to handle the post well.

    Yes Mannuel Yorubas are achievers everything. Many are also Omoniles touts kidnappers thieves arm robbers hence spoiling the names of many of the good ones. Many cause nuisance to those trying to settle well in Lagos and other Yoruba environment. Sad in that aspects. I think change is needed in this.

  4. Good evening dear.
    Good sunday to you and yours family.
    Mr Makan Gakou
    Gristede’s Super Market 1993 to 1995
    1180 2nd Avenue
    10021 NY,New York

  5. Truth! Let’s avoid tribalism. I also I’m Yoruba, but I appreciate Nigerians generally that bring good name to the country, such as the Igbo Writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, whose achievements, negate the bad name and embarassment that some others have brought to Nigeria. God has used them to prove to the world that there are still many good eggs in Nigeria after all.

    I use this opportunity to exhort and implore all readers that, in addition to making achievements in dis life, we should embrace Christ, I mean, we should be born again, be holy in all our doings and strive to make heaven, John 3:16-18; Romance 3:23; 2Corinthians 7:1; Hebrews 12:14. All achievements obtained in this life end here on earth, and they’re not a passport to enter into God’s kingdom. Jesus Christ alone is the way, the truth and the life, John 14:6. Those among us that are born again, may the Lord help us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, Philipians 2:12, that we may not be ashamed on that day, in Jesus’name, amen. God bless y’all.

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