Photos: Nigerian Inventor Emeka Nelson Designs Solar Energy & Waste Powered Truck

waste powered truck nigerian

April 13, 2016 – Pictures: Nigerian Inventor Emeka Nelson Designs Solar Energy & Waste Powered Truck

Emeka Nelson, the Nigerian genius who invented a water-powered generator recently is back with a new invention.

emeka nelson

Emeka Nelson’s technical team have now designed a new prototype truck that operates on solar energy and waste.

The truck mainly designed for waste management can help eliminate waste across the country.

It will ease the threat refuse dumps pose to the public.

See what Emeka said on his official FB page:

“My tech team members today adopted one of my early works as tool/prototype to be used in our quest to design trucks for waste management that will be powered either by the waste they carry or solar. I laugh at myself when I see some of these my early works because they tends to look childish a times to me but the truth is that, that was where my journey began”

10 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Inventor Emeka Nelson Designs Solar Energy & Waste Powered Truck

  1. Odogwu nwoke. Jisike!

    It is just too bad that our politicians are too concerned with their pockets and pot-bellies to notice or support a thing like this. This is why we have perpetually remained a consumer nation seeking for tech from Oriental and Occidental countries.

  2. Good news , we need to harness our human potentials, i hope the government can step in to look into the viability of the prototype any ares of improvement can be identified, if it can be made with indigenous materials then it should be easy to produce. in this day and age Nigeria should be at the fore front in so many fields. also this is should encouragement to the youth to engage in productive skills.lets’ hope some one in government is paying attention.
    Brilliant effort.
    well done

  3. Nigerian brand is excellence although the Industry of Naija is sometimes misapplied negatively by some vocal minorities who give us bad name.
    Stories like this encourage us to still believe in the giant of Africa. I hope there will be patronage for these inventions. Ride on brother!

  4. Well done bro,we’ve seen some creative work in the past,but the govt won’t even look at that direction talk less of supporting/encouraging them.

  5. This type of man needs supporter in this country, but our governments are busy doing what they will directly gain from. Kudos! Emeka Nelson, more wisdom

  6. Since Nigerian government are shaming themselves make white men come carry this genuine help harness his gift then the foolish Nigerian government go beg to have his inventions flood our market

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