Photos: Nigerian Man, Illegal Immigrant Killed By Police In Malaysia While Trying To Evade Arrest


nigerian man shot dead police malaysia

Thursday June 18, 2015 – Pictures: Nigerian Man With Expired Visa Killed By Police In Damansara Malaysia While Trying To Evade Arrest

Malaysian Police officers have taken laws into their hands again after killing an illegal immigrant from Nigeria.

According to Nigerians based in Damansara city in Malaysia, a young Nigerian guy identified as Ene Sampson was killed on Tuesday night around 10:38pm at a shopping mall.

Sampson was trying to flee the area after he discovered that police were arresting foreigners in a nearby street because his visa had expired.

He took a nearby mall as an escape route but unfortunately he met some police officers in the mall.

He was stopped and asked to produce his passport but while trying to tell them he forgot it at his school, the police officers immediately descended on him. As he tried to escape from them, he was shot twice by one of the officers.

The bullet ripped through his chest and he was pronounced dead on the spot. His corpse was later transported to Kuala Lumpur General Hospital.

Nigerians living in Damansara, Malaysia are calling for justice for him.

May his soul rest in peace.