Photos: Nigerian Man Who Hid 7 Cocaine Capsules Inside Anus Arrested At Lagos Airport

Sept 3, 2016 – Pictures: Nigerian Man Who Hid 7 Cocaine Capsules Inside His Anus Arrested At MMIA Airport In Ikeja Lagos While Heading To Hong Kong China

A Nigerian man identified as Okpalanem Henry with dual citizenship has been arrested while trafficking 335g of cocaine to Hong Kong China from Lagos.

cocaine in anus

The suspect who hailed from Imo State was caught while travelling to Hong Kong with a Malian Passport bearing the name Diara Sauduo.

Mr Henry who confirmed that he is aware that drug trafficking is punishable by death in China told the NDLEA that he was optimistic of safe passage.

When asked why he tried such risky business deal, the suspect said:

“I know that there is capital punishment for drug trafficking in China but I was optimistic of safe passage.

“Unfortunately, I was caught with only seven wraps. “Maybe that is my destiny. “I am married with three children.”

He is currently in detention.

15 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Man Who Hid 7 Cocaine Capsules Inside Anus Arrested At Lagos Airport

  1. Maybe this man was thinking of committing suicide but changed mind and decided he had nothing to lose if he tries pushing drug to China where, if caught , will be killed all the same, but will make his family believe he died “trying to give them better life” . How else can one explain this kind of stupidity from a married man with three children ?
    Maybe it is your destiny indeed! Of course it is your destiny you chose for yourself so enjoy the imprisonment term . Mchweeeew !!!

  2. so Nigerians are so corrupt to the extent that they now strip us naked and check our anus… this is too bad


  3. The evidence here is clear @ Metu, unlike the other man from Anambra State who was
    killed in Indonesia.

    I take a stroll…

  4. Did he say WITH ONLY SEVEN WRAPS ?
    Chai,this guy is pure evil. From your dumb and nonchalant attitude, is like one juju maggot told you that you gonna be invisible till you get to place you had your mind on.

    Eeya, no more Range Rover or Gl450 Mercedes this Christmas. Have fun in prison. You’re very lucky because your wife can still visit you with the kids because you’re still local chap.ugly soul !

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