Igbo Trader Attempts Suicide, Jumps Into Mile 2 River Lagos, Blames Buhari For Business Failure

igbo trader attempts suicide lagos

Sept 2nd, 2016 – Man Attempts Suicide By Jumping Into Mile 2 River Lagos, Blames Buhari For Business Failure

A Lagos-based Igbo trader has been rescued moments after he allegedly jumped into Mile 2 river in Amuwo Odofin LGA of the state.

The man identified as Odiaka Andy said to be in his 40s reportedly plunged into the river after blaming Buhari for his business failure.

It was the timely intervention of speed boat divers that saved him from untimely death.

He was quoted as saying “Buhari’s government has finished me and my business. I can’t afford to live anymore. Bye, bye to Nigeria,” when he jumped into the river.

Mr Odiaka who was very weak to talk at the time of his rescue has been reunited with his wife and 4 children.

16 thoughts on “Igbo Trader Attempts Suicide, Jumps Into Mile 2 River Lagos, Blames Buhari For Business Failure

  1. WHAT IS all this? All right, Buhari is the architect of your woes. Does your suicide bruise a skin off his nose? No condition is permanent. Hope is one armour you can travel with anywhere. Hope is the only virtue that will see us survive through these times.

  2. killing urslf wldnt solve anything sit up and think will really go along way. who do u wanna leave ur kids for? u want them to suffer?

  3. If only people will pulse for a while to think deeply about what they stand to face in eternity for wanting to take their own lives, i‘m very sure they will change thier minds even though their woes on Earth is tripple.

    I take a stroll…

  4. Why it is Igbo pple doing this it is buari tenor spoil ur business abi ur Igbo former president Jonathan and he’s PDP member spoil Nigeria when they have spend all money that we can benefit now. U people u better don’t let God curse u.

  5. He is a coward. he does fit to leave. so if you cannot pregnate ur wife you wl blame Buhari. You better go back to your village n farm.

  6. All these show of shame are the handiwork of those evil politicians that have crippled the economy of this nation. All the blame is now on Buhari, na only God go judge una. Show me the person that can do better than Buhari now and let’s give him a trial. Buhari must remain in power whether the devil likes it or not, this present economic hardship is just a temporary thing, soon the storm will be over its just a matter of time but corrupt politicians must never go unpunished. They are always on social media writing nonsense preaching hate, insighting the masses against the government in other to escape justice. May God help us in this country and settle us with peace.

    • Brother O’neal, thank you for your comment and wisdom. It is a pity that millions of our people lack the basic facts.

  7. Mr. Odiaka Andy was lucky to be alive because suicide would have landed him in a place of everlasting torment. But it is not practical to lecture or preach to people if you’ve never experienced hardship before in your life. I had found myself in situations where I thought it was over because I see nothing but pain, faluire, and rejection but suicidal was never an option for me. Why? I thank God Almighty through Christ Jesus for early biblical teachings and Sunday school classes that gave me the understanding of life and death. There is always a light at the end of every tunnel of challenge. Nigeria as a nation will overcome our current economy hardship if we the people get it right again and again by continue to cast our votes for people of integrity. PMB is doing a great job to already damaged economy that was in serious recession at the time he was sworn in as president. Majority of our people should swallow their pride and ego and relocate back to their various villages to engage in small scale farming, poultry, fishery, honey farming, and small scale businesses to survive our current economy situation. Suicide is a demonic force that keeps sending millions of unsuspecting souls to hell. Please resist the devil and he shall flew from you.

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