Photos: Nigerian Policeman’s Hand Cut Off In Fatal Accident While Trying To Arrest A Bus Driver

nigerian policeman loses hands

July 9, 2015 – Pictures: Nigerian Police Officer Loses Hand In Fatal Accident While Trying To Arrest A Bus Driver

A very overzealous police officer was trying to collect his usual Eguje (bribe) last week at Idi Mangoro area of Agege Lagos last week when he suddenly became an amputee.

According to a source, before the unfortunate incident, the unidentified policeman pictured above was trying to arrest the driver of the bus because he refused to pay bribe.

In a bid to force the driver to stop, the Oga police performed a Jackie Chan-like stunt and jumped inside the bus.

When the bus driver saw him, he tried to speed off so as to shake him off his steering wheel.

In the process, the driver lost control of the bus and hit a barrier and somersaulted severally.

The condition of the driver is still unknown at the time of this report.

See more photos from the scene of the fatal accident below. VIEWERS DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED

nigerian policeman hands chopped off

nigerian policeman hand chopped off

What a tragedy!!!

Hope other bribe addicts in the Nigerian Police Force will learn from his story.

20 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Policeman’s Hand Cut Off In Fatal Accident While Trying To Arrest A Bus Driver

  1. Does dat look like a danfo bus????????,and no one knows wat truely happened,eye witness always av 100 accounts of how it all happened.even though I’m not a fan of f NPF,but I still pray dat God gives dis police man d strength to accept his fate nd God protection on d driver too!

  2. I no bliv d story jooor. Bcos na police dats y dem form such a story. Na which hand he go dey take shoot now?

  3. The incident happened in Idi-mangoro area of Agege. I heard of it last week when it happened, though i was’nt there. Just too bad.

  4. This police man should be compenciated o, this is how a patriotic force should work, (protecting law) is better 2 die 4 som tin than lives 4 notin. he is a hero….

  5. only in Nigeria this is happening unlike the western world, it can’t happen. What a pity: this should be a sound warning to other of his colleagues.

  6. If the account of what happened is anything to go by, then it’s a clear warning to all to desist from subverting the law and abusing one’s ofc.

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