Photos: Nigerian Soldier Who Followed Evans To 3 Kidnap Operations Arrested In Ojo Lagos

soldier working for evans arrested

June 25, 2017 – Photos: Victor Chukwunonso, Nigerian Army Lance Corporal Who Worked For Evans Arrested In Ojo Lagos

Meet Lance Corporal Victor Chukwunonso, one of the suspects on the list of names Billionaire kidnapper gave Police on Friday.

Victor Chukwunonso

The suspect serving at the Army Band Corps in Surulere Lagos was picked up around 9pm yesterday at his hideout in Ojo by IRT operatives.

The native of Onitsha in Anambra state confessed to Police that he ONLY accompanied Evans to 3 kidnap operations.

He added that he never used his gun to kill anyone.

According to police sources, Chukwunonso said Evans paid him N6.5million for the three operations he participated in before he stopped working for the gang.

11 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Soldier Who Followed Evans To 3 Kidnap Operations Arrested In Ojo Lagos

  1. This **** people are so wicked and Evil,they keep on destroying Nigeria Image home and abroad, the reputation that our forefathers took years to build because of their greed, really we are tired of the biafrans,no wonder the Northern want them to leave Nigeria,all the crimes are their best friends,it is painful to see other national referring to Nigerian as criminal because of crimes commit by few called Igbos, so sick.

    • @Patriot there’s no need to mention Tribs or where one comes from because if you mention the exact place or the Area you came from in Nigeria you will see there’s a little Shit going on there too!..just so you know.
      May the will of God be done in this nation called Nigeria.

  2. nor surprise atall,cheek names, it must be 95-98% ibo and niger-delter, that is their trade nr.1.sorry truth is bitter.

    • Just like 95% of names of people who looted the nation revealed by Efcc are your western people.Hypocrite

  3. I always see someone that point at a particular tribe when a crime is committed as a shallow thinkers, like what Femi Falana said is that if the police can cool down and investigate this guys properly, with his bank account , u will know that a lot of prominent men in Nigeria are behind him. some of them might even be using him for Money laundry and some other criminal stuffs, so people should stop point hands at a particular tribe. Nigerian as whole is generally corrupted. If u dont have a reasonable contribution you keep quiet it is not compulsory that u must make comment on a particular issue…

    • Yes, you are right. It doesn’t mean that when a person from a particular group(tribe) does something wrong, the others are the same. That is so bad for a nation to do tribal classing.

  4. This z so DISHEARTENING seeing serving officer been involve in such cruelty…Seriously if an officer who’s Bill to safe life n properties are involve in such crime, wht dies the future hold for tht country, I don’t blame ppl running away from Nigeria cos tings like this make things worst…REALLY disappointed reading this story..Asin seriously??

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