Photos: Nigerian Woman Who Used Bra To Smuggle Cocaine From Brazil Into Nigeria Arrested

nigerian woman smuggle cocaine inside bra

Oct 22, 2016 – Cocaine Inside Bra: Nigerian Hairdress From Brazil Arrested For Smuggling Hard Drug Into Lagos

Nigerian Woman Who Used Her Bra To Smuggle Cocaine From Brazil To Lagos Nigeria Blames Poverty

30-year-old Ijeoma Juliet Nnaji was caught by the NDLEA at MMIA Airport yesterday with 535g of cocaine concealed in her bra.

The suspect who holds a National Diploma in Mass Comm. confessed to the anti-narcotic agency that her desperate need for money forced her to agree to smuggle cocaine into Nigeria in exchange for one million naira.

Her confession:

cocaine in bracocaine in bra

N1 million for a lifetime of shame!!! Desperation no good o

11 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Woman Who Used Bra To Smuggle Cocaine From Brazil Into Nigeria Arrested

  1. hmmm another crime by a Nigerian,God of these crap country can’t even save most Nigerians from poverty but they tend to still rely on him! how dump and awful.

  2. You have brought shame to yourself, to your family, children if u have your city,your local government,your state, your country and Africa as whole.. Coconut head

  3. Its a pity. Some have ears but have refused hear. I am just short of words because you are nothing but a mumu.

  4. How i wish she succeed, she will paint town red and blue, they are type of people use to slap police on road.
    Big madam enjoy your life in c**l*r

  5. Enough of all this eyes service please. There are lot of drug barons all over the country, how many of them have they ever arrested? Notwithstanding what the woman did was bad and unacceptable.

    I take a stroll…

  6. What do you mean by a life time shame? He or she that have not sinned let him or her cast the first stone. Did she kill ? Just that she was unfortunate. Many billionaires in Nigeria are drug dealers or rogues stealing from Nigeria government , have you crucified them ? Do not judge or condemn your fellow human being. Our God is a Merciful God to us all. Pray for them to repent but don’t condemn them.

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