Photos: Brainwashed ISIS Terrorist On Suicide Mission Seen Rejoicing Moments Before Explosion

isis terrorist dancing video

Oct 21, 2016 – Pictures: Brainwashed ISIS Jihadist On Suicide Mission Jump For Joy Moments Before Explosion

In a sickening propaganda video recently released by the dreaded Jihadi sect in Syria, a brainwashed young man who volunteered as a suicide bomber was seen jumping up for joy when he realized it was his turn to die for the group.

According to Daily Mirror, the young terrorist was seen rejoicing with two other extremists before detonating his explosives moments later.

The young man jumps into the suicide truck he is set to drive into ISIS enemies territory before saying the final goodbye to the rest of his friends.

The rejoicing session of the video ends as the man drives off in a truck packed with explosives.

Later in the video, a thick black smoke can be seen rising from a distance, an apparent signal that the young jihadists had died.

Madness of the highest order.

13 thoughts on “Photos: Brainwashed ISIS Terrorist On Suicide Mission Seen Rejoicing Moments Before Explosion

  1. WHY THE AFTERLIFE IS so terrible is that it is not like an examination where you fail and resit to correct your mistakes; this one is once you make mistakes and fail, you have failed forever. There ain’t no coming back to correct any errors of misconceptions. To die without Jesus is the truest death ever.

  2. I like it, they should endeavour pack all their men in trucks and bomd theirself off, so that, the world will rest from their evil act, useless people, idiot, son of ashole rot and rosted in hail, amen

  3. BRIANWASHED IN ITS truest state is when somebody is rejoicing for no apparent reason other than he want to kill himself and knowing he has no definite hope or destination after death.

    Now, that is brainwashed mix with foolishness and stupidity of the highest order.
    The best definition of all islamic jihadist/terrorists.

    I take a stroll…

  4. This I can’t comprehend….why can’t these idiot ask their bosses why them no die too so that they can meet the so call allah….abi na earth sweet pass…???…somebody will brainclean you and ask u to die why himself still dey exist…tah…I play no shit…instead me go wash ur own brain wella

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