Photos: NYSC Corper Posted To Benue Found Dead In Lagos, Killers Delete Facebook Account

May 26, 2016 – Pictures: NYSC Corper Posted To Benue Found Dead In Lagos, Killers Delete Facebook Account

The corpse of a 22-year-old NYSC member, Ifiemi Igali, was found yesterday at Berger near Ojodu Abiodun in Ogun State. Igali, a member of the batch ‘A’ set, was posted to Benue State but his body was discovered near Lagos.

It was learnt the Facebook account of the graduate of Geography and Environmental Management from Niger Delta University (NDU) was also deleted by his suspected assailants, perhaps because something posted on his timeline was incriminating.

Igali, who hailed from Eneware, Ijaw South Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, was said to have told his family members in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, that he was going to his school to collect his statement of result.

It became a rude shock to the parents when a police officer from Ogun State called his family members to tell them that he had been found dead on a lonely street at Berger, a boundary community between Lagos and Ogun states.

His sister, Conquer Igali, a lawyer, told our correspondent on the phone that the family in Yenegoa had been thrown into mourning over Ifiemi’s murder. The sister said the family had checked at bus terminals to verify if he actually travelled to Lagos, but nothing like that was discovered. She said: “Somebody has murdered my brother. We have checked bus terminals and discovered he had no record of travelling on public transport to Lagos. No accident.

His Facebook account has been deleted, while his WhatsApp was last active on Friday night.” Conquer said the father of the deceased had left for Lagos to get police report and ensure a post-mortem was conducted on the body.


9 thoughts on “Photos: NYSC Corper Posted To Benue Found Dead In Lagos, Killers Delete Facebook Account

  1. I suspect same. @ Oke Joe. But then even if that‘s the case, why would they wait untill he has gotten to the Apex of his studies? What sheer wickedness?

    Chai, what a waste of life, time and money? If this should hapened in overseas they would have mounted a serious investigations into the matter untill they bring the culprit to book. But here, the highest the can do is get a police report and treat the rest of the case with the wave of the hands.

    I take a stroll…

  2. Abegi we no need soothsayer,na confra matter.
    He must belong to a confra,maybe he had some ish.go to facebook,u go see confra guys dey fly dia beret,even for SA now,shun cultism,end result iz always death.

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