Photos: Pastor Escapes Assassination At Jakande Estate In Lagos

pastor escapes assassination in lagos

May 4, 2017 – Pictures: Pastor Escapes Assassination In Lagos…Glory Chapel Pastor Chucks Ogene Attacked At Jakande Estate Oke Afa

A Lagos-based Pastor identified as Chucks Ogene is lucky to be alive today after surviving a planned assassination attempt on Thursday morning.

Pastor Ogene, a resident of Jakande Estate at Oke Afa area of Lagos said he went out to turn off his pumping machine when a neighbour turned off his generator but he saw a shadow in his children’s bedroom.

Ogene who thought the shadow he saw through the window was that of his first son queried him why he wasn’t sleeping but when he didn’t get a response, he went into the room only to meet a total stranger armed with knife.

To cut the long story short, the stranger said he was sent to kill him.

The brave Pastor wrestled the stranger who entered the house through the window for some time before alerting his wife, who ran to their church to get help.

They managed to overpower the hired assassin who was lucky enough to escape jungle justice.

This is how the Pastor narrated his ordeal.

4 thoughts on “Photos: Pastor Escapes Assassination At Jakande Estate In Lagos

  1. u took him out and how did the intruder managed to escape..una for hol till the next morning and let us know who sent him..any hope of having stable electricity?power holders over to u…endangering lives since 550bc

  2. Thank God for your life, you for don be past tense. But come to think of it, one man get power pass una?

  3. Hey so there are thieves in this estate. My aunti moved into this estate. Before she moved someone told her there are no thieves in the estate. Which area is safe in Nigeria for Gods sake?

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