Photos: Pasuma Becomes A Chief In Badagry Lagos…Fuji Star Named The Togan Of Badagry Kingdom

pasuma chief badagry

April 24, 2017 – Pictures: Wasiu Alabi Pasuma Made Chief In Badagry Lagos…Fuji Star Becomes The Togan Of Badagry Kingdom & The Hansigan Of The Universe

From the ghetto to the Palace…. This is the story of Fuji icon Wasiu Alabi Pasuma who just added another feather to his list of achievements.

The popular Fujician who hails from Kwara state was made the Togan of Badagry over the weekend.

He was also named Hansigan of the universe, meaning boss of all musicians.

See video and photos from the ceremony below.

pasuma togan of badagry

7 thoughts on “Photos: Pasuma Becomes A Chief In Badagry Lagos…Fuji Star Named The Togan Of Badagry Kingdom

  1. This guy needs to achieve something in life, he has been in the industry enough to have achieved some good things. His mum still live in a rented apartment, he has only one house to his credit after almost 4 decades in the industry . He is gradually loosing relevance in the Fuji world as you can hardly see him amongst the high profiled people in the society. He is about the poorest, he’s too loose and playful. K1 will always lead while others follow even if I don’t really like k1. Pasuma is too familiar with his managers that not being simple it’s being loose. They reap him off under pretense, pasuma you need that k1 kind of house, anything other than that is zero. Stop being too playful it’s not good for the future of your children. You need to draw more attention to yourself through your songs. You need a sit at the top not down. The pasuma of now is adding serious weight,be careful and watch it. Don’t let your educated and classy fans down you need to buckle up. The reason why people dance to Fujitsu is pasuma but you seem to be financially behind all of them which is so shameful. Wise up. You see all the money you spend on Taye currency he made good use of it. Stop acting like what people call “the boy is good” spending money in parties doesn’t mean you are rich, stop trying to impress, nobody is interested in that. Invest in you future that omole house is too small for you,you are a legend you need a country home like PSQUARE house, k1s house etc you shouldn’t be on same level as Malaika, seniority this days is by what you control not age or number of cars.I don’t like people that aren’t smart. Be wise and smart .simplicity is different from being loose, change your level of friends. You need classy one that can introduce you to good business and opportunities. Pasuma wake up you’ve been sleeping! !!!!.

  2. Glory be to God almighty for the success…Mr Oganla, the Togan of music.May God bless everyone of us Amen..PFC UNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. @ Tumi, words spoken well, God bless you, a word is a enough for the wise, so Omo Iyawo Anobi wake up from your slumber

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