Photos: Peace Mass Transit Accident ONLY Survivor Joy Akabuike Is Dead.. See Her Burial Photos

peace mass transit accident victim

June 2nd, 2016 – Pictures: Peace Mass Transit Accident Victim Joy Akabuike Buried In Enugu State

Peace Mass Transit Accident Only Survivor Joy Akabuike Is Dead.. See Her Burial Pictures 

Imo Poly graduate, Joy Akabuike, the only survivor of the fatal accident involving a PMT bus and a truck in Umuahia on Sunday the 22nd of May 2016 has died.

She was left in a coma for several days before giving up the ghost at the Federal Medical Center in Umuahia Abia state.

She was buried in her hometown of Achi in Enugu State yesterday. See photos

The owner of Peace Mass Transit needs serious prayers, the accident involving the luxury bus company is becoming too frequent these days.

While many believed it has a ritual undertone, others claimed the ghastly motor accident is a spiritual attack.

This is no time to play the blame game. Let’s sympathise with the families of the deceased.

May their soul rest in peace (amen).

34 thoughts on “Photos: Peace Mass Transit Accident ONLY Survivor Joy Akabuike Is Dead.. See Her Burial Photos

  1. Rip joy rest in d blossom of God. I can imagine how ur family feel in dis trailing time. i pray God comfort them.

  2. Drivers not well trained and drive in a speedy reckless manner. If you are in these buses and watch driver you will understand what i am talking about.

    Beautiful girl. May her soul rest in peace.All his drivers need professional training together with prayers. Most African drivers lack driving ethics and manners.

  3. My heart hurts! Beauty brought to ashes just like that. Death is one hell of a pain. Thank God that Jesus has vanquished it long ago!

  4. This company PMT need to be investigated, it appears they involve in so many accidents lately.some pertinent questions need to be asked; Are the drivers competent?, are the vehicles road worthy? most importantly are they insured; the victims family should instigate a class action against the company. this is getting out of hand now. they are just wasting people’s lives.

    RIP Lovely girl.

  5. Most of their buses are scrap chinese buses,but they won’t listen. Buy japanese cars such as toyota,no they won’t cheap product.
    If they were japanesse like toyota,the accident danage wud af been less,but since its chinese,home of fake,the buses be like paper,too fragile,even small wind can blow off the side mirrors of the bus.
    Then I’m sure nobody was on seat belts,whenever I engage in pub transport,I choose the 3rd row with safety belts on,and my eyes on d road and driver.anytime driver overspeeds,I tell him to stop,I want to ease myself,den I caution him.
    No need to shout,just act matured.
    Before it was God is Good killing on daily spree,bekos d drivers want to go on 3 trips a day so says d boss/owner,so most times dey,over work the body and often they fall asleep on steering or as usual wreckless driving and over taking in wrong lane,but now its PMT.
    Pls everybdy shud avoid PMT,if you ready to die quick go to PMT,if you wanna leave long,choose wisely.

  6. My her soul rest in peace..what a gorgeous beautiful JOY! Just gone like that.

    The owner of PMT must assist and support the deceased family..

    With bad roads in nigeria and the bus drivers on influence of alcohol or drug “weed”.
    They should be alcohol and drug testing in practice to every company hiring drivers and government imposed alcohol limit to 0.5% to anyone behind the wheel.

    Can nigerian government keep it real for once?

  7. My heart bleeds for this promising beauty and perhaps the one or only hope of the family considering the pix story.

    What a loss that the family had laboured so hard to see her through school, and when it appeared as if their efforts was about to pay off then all of a sudden “GBOWAA!!! an accident, then the death of their beloved baby. hummmm…

    May God grants the sorrowful family the fortitudes to bear this unquantifiable, unfathomable and irrepearable loss.


  8. There is no longer joy, why!!!!!!! I can’t bear this pain, death at last and shall never forget this in my life.. May your gentle soul relax in paradise!!!!!!

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