Photos: Policeman Beaten To Stupor For Killing Elderly Man On Airport Road Ikeja Lagos

policeman kills elderly man oshodi lagos

Oct 28, 2016 – Pictures: Policeman Beaten To Stupor For Killing Elderly Man On Airport Road In Ikeja Lagos

Innocent Man Pushed Into Gutter By Lagos Policemen Dies Of Head Injuries

An unidentified policeman has been arrested for allegedly killing an elderly man on airport road.

According to an eyewitness, Lekekan Peculiar, the man wearing white in the photos below was waiting by the road side to board a bus on Wednesday while some policemen were raiding commercial buses.

Instead of ordering him to step aside, they allegedly pushed the old man into the gutter.

When the lawless law enforcement officials noticed that the elderly man had died, four of them fled while the overzealous one was caught by passersby.

The incident which happened around 12pm caught the attention of motorists and hoodlums who immediately descended on the police officer.

See photos from the scene of the tragedy below

Why kill an innocent man in this brutal manner?

Some of these policemen have no regard for human life.

12 thoughts on “Photos: Policeman Beaten To Stupor For Killing Elderly Man On Airport Road Ikeja Lagos

  1. They should have pushed him 7times into that same gutter but with harmful substances put in place….heartless idiots..

  2. This is why i like europe police especially italian police, even with their uniform they have respect. How can u push an old innocent man off road could’t you have asked politely to shift

  3. because they give una uniform to wear you have no respect again for humans, God punish him infact they should burn him alive

  4. see country,Nigeria. presidents what are they doing . where they are having gutters should have boundary’s for safety,why not put iron or block gutters in the country for safety of people not falling inside,

  5. Police and last man are the most troublesome in Lagos today… if they are giving a duty to carry out, they over do it than they were sent and no law guiding these fools, please Governor Ambode there are a lot of miscreant in Last man especially look into it seriously if u don’t want them to spoil the good job u have started before they ruin it for u

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