Photos: Popular Ado Ekiti Businessman Olowo Dubai Assassinated On Lagos Ibadan Expressway

olowo dubai murdered

June 11, 2017 – Photos: Popular Ado Ekiti Businessman Ifedayo Oladele Adeyemo Aka Olowo Dubai Murdered On Lagos Ibadan Expressway In Front Of Wife & Daughter

A popular businessman based in Ado Ekiti was murdered in front of his family members on Lagos Ibadan Expressway on Tuesday by some gunmen suspected to be gangsters.

The victim, Ifedayo Oladele Adeyemo popularly called Olowo Dubai whose father resides abroad was shot dead at close range. His wife and daughter who witnessed his brutal murder said the gunmen said all they were after was his life.

Here is what his sister, Nike said:

8 thoughts on “Photos: Popular Ado Ekiti Businessman Olowo Dubai Assassinated On Lagos Ibadan Expressway

  1. Sad, maybe business deal gone wrong…but those assassins could have respected the family members around,especially the little kid (daughter)…the trauma will be so devastating.RIP

    • I think they were well paid to carry on the ugly act that’s why they were not interested in taking the car or any other valuables.

      Every acts has a price to the assassins.

  2. THIS IS REALLY heart shattering. They just robbed this lovely family of their breadwiner, father and husband.
    This is so so so saaad!

    Though no one knows what acually transpired that led to this ugly incident but whatever, no one has the right to take any life when he cannot create an Ant.
    Kerma must make haste to catch up with who ever has a hand in the death of this man especially for the family‘s sake.
    RIP to the slain.

    I take a stroll…

  3. Olowo Dubai may your soul rest in peace. baba you don suffer than not to enjoy cash. but such is life. we the association of nigeria businessmen will miss you…

  4. Only God knows what is hidden in front of men, That man that was killed might have been one of the best man on earth, and at the same time it might have waste some peoples life like this too, but God knows everything that is hidden in front of men. rip anyway, and may God comfort the family, Nigerian are shedding so much blood these days and these blood will keep asking Nigerian especially our leaders,we have to repent and love our brothers and sisters like yourself, before we can move forward believe me or not, a country where there is no love and unity can never progress.

  5. he was shot in Akobo and he did not die on the spot,he was taken to a near by hospital in Akobo for first aid before he was later moved to UCH,he died in UCH after 2 days,the sad thing about his death was that he was shot 10 meters from the police station in Akobo and also people did not help him on time,its so sad,i was the one that took him to the hospital,i don’t know him from Adam,his death pain me

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