Photos: Prince Oforduru Chimaeze Murdered In Owerri Imo State After Paying N5M To Kidnappers

prince murdered owerri imo state

April 26, 2016 – Pictures: Isi Ala Mbano King’s Son Assassinated In Owerri Imo State, Prince Chimaeze Oforduru Murdered After Paying N5 Million Ransom To Kidnappers For Daughter’s Release

A Prince in Imo State has been murdered at his house in Owerri over the weekend.

Prince Chimaeze Ofordudu, the heir apparent to Ikwuano throne in Isi Ala Mbano town was shot dead at close range by some suspected hired assassins at his house in New Owerri layout area of Owerri around 9pm on Saturday.

The deceased was recently elected as the President of the NANTS (National Association of Nigeria Traders).

Prince Oforduru Chimaeze dead

Few weeks before his murder, he paid the abductors of his 5-year-old daughter a whopping N5million ransom to secure her release.

His body has been deposited at the mortuary as police commences investigation.

The deceased is survived by a wife and two daughters.

14 thoughts on “Photos: Prince Oforduru Chimaeze Murdered In Owerri Imo State After Paying N5M To Kidnappers

  1. I thought as much, maybe he has play sharp on some people intelligent, but God knows better. After little investigation by the police they will sweep the rest under carpet that is Nigeria.

  2. Oh! My goodness..
    Wot a wicked world..
    I pray dat GOD ill give d family d strenght to bear d loss as your soul rest with GOD.

    D EVIL doers must be brought to book were dey will pay there evil did wit there own head.
    rip is all i can say

  3. So’ll never know how painful it is to lose a loved one until u lose someone u love so much.i can imagine what the family is going through.may God give the family the the fortitude to bear this great loss.RIH(Rest in Heaven) to the dead

  4. This man is very young innocent man. He stands for the truth and I know him well because he is my cousin. Whoever that killed him will never go unpunished. Please everyone stop having evil thought when is not the case. God knows the truth.

    • Its sad whats happened please Mark can you refrain from using such accusation he was not that kind of guy he was a good guy for the community so stop that

  5. mark ojiabor you need to refrain from just assumption

    that’s a wrong thing to say

    what as happened its terrible by all accounts show respect this Gentleman was not into Narcotics he was a standup man for the community

  6. The person that sent assasine to kill d prince is within d palace cos he want dat throne by fire by force.

  7. THanks guys for your back. it took me almost a yr to see this post after tha death of my brother.My brother was never and had never had any bad image or dealing with drug or the police, those who knows my family also knows about our hard work and relentless effort to serve imo state and community. i was the one who rescued the girl form kidnapper and it was after a yr they killed him not few weeks later.Thanks once again Prince Richard Chinaka Oforduru

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