Photos: Seventh Day Adventist Girl Kidnapped & Forced To Convert To Islam Freed,Abductor Arrested

seventh day adventist girl forced islam

May 24, 2016 – Pictures: Seventh Day Adventist Church Member Kidnapped & Forced To Convert To Islam Freed, Abductor Arrested In Bauchi

Officials of Bauchi police command have reunited a 13-year-old Christian girl with her family weeks after she was forced to convert to Islam.

Grace Bawa who got abducted One Mallam Dauda in Bauchi was today reunited with her family.

Bawa was handed over to her parents today by Bauchi Police Commissioner, Baba Tijani.

9 thoughts on “Photos: Seventh Day Adventist Girl Kidnapped & Forced To Convert To Islam Freed,Abductor Arrested

  1. Such a beautiful girl! Thank God to regain your freedom:
    1) From the captivity of the animal that took you by force, and
    2) From the the kingdom of darkness itself.

    When the topic of Islamizing Nigeria is broached, some people promptly wave it aside as a mere propaganda. Whoever cares should google Abuja Declaration 1989 and see for himself. Christians should beware of these people.

  2. We thank God for the rescue. But seriously, the Govt should place a capital punishment on all these fanatics in order to arrest the continuation of this trend.

    For Christ‘s sake, why are all these muslims behaving like some possess demons?
    Why are they targeting and interested in our girls while we are not in their girls?
    Why cant somebody just call these servants of lucifer to order and keep them in check back in their cages?

    The greatest mistake any muslim can ever make is to kidnap any of my three lovely sisters or trying to force them to BACKSLIDE from Christianity to that demonic bondage called islam, then they will all know that indeed, I am The Hunter.

    I take a stroll…

  3. i wonder why islam is a force religion not wish. they like doing things that they will never ever allow another religion to do to them. I congratulate the family of Bawa.

  4. To God be d glory..
    This muslim or whatever dey re called has been a thing of disgrace and a set back to our dear country nigeria..
    They bring nothing but agony and sorrow..
    Those of u ones out there should give ur life to Jesus christ before z too late.

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