Pastor Reveals Causes Of High Suicide Rate Among Nigerians, Says Satan Behind It


causes of suicides in nigeria

Tuesday May 24, 2016 – Nigerian Pastor Raises Alarm On Incessant Suicide Deaths In Nigeria, Says Satan Behind It

Pastor Reveals Causes Of High Suicide Cases Among Nigerians, Says Satan Behind It

According to Pastor Royalpriest, “there are a lot of reasons people commit suicide. Some times people get frustrated with things happening within and around them, which they think they cannot change. It could be their family, social or health status. They allow such circumstance to overwhelm them and suggest that they are not worth living with such impediments. They eventually fall prey to such negative suggestion within them and take their life.”

He further said: “The use of hard drugs influences and affects lives negatively. Hard drugs contain substances that when inhaled or injected in the system turns the brain up side down. It could make a gun look like a toy. It makes an ocean look like a swimming pool. It could make poisonous substance look like good drink or food. There are different teachings and indoctrination. Most times, what you hear and see affect one’s life either positively or negatively. For instance, the suicide bombers started by allowing themselves to be indoctrinated until they had no value for their lives.”

Pastor Royalpriest added: “Spiritual manipulation could also be one the causes of suicide. The truth is that the spiritual controls the physical. Some times, some demonic spirit projected could cause one to harm himself or herself. That’s why sometimes you could see someone fighting with nobody at sight.”

Maintaining that the consequences cannot be over emphasised, he said: “They leave their family in pain and agony. In a family where the individual is the only son or daughter on whom the parents had invested heavily, it might be too much for such parents to bear. And it cab eventually lead to their untimely death. It also stigmatizes the family forever or for a very long time. The Africa society sees suicide as an abomination. In some cases, the family concerned will be mandated to appease the gods through sacrifices.”

What the Bible says

The General Overseer of Royal Choice Ministries, Ketu-Lagos, Dr. Success Ibeakanma said that suicide is a grave sin in every material particular. His words: “Suicide is a grave sin equivalent to murder because anyone that commits suicide automatically misses heaven. Some of the scriptures that speaks about suicide include: 1 Chron. 10: 4,5; Exodus 20: 13; 21: 23; Matt. 27: 5; Acts 1: 18, 19; 1 Sam. 31: 4 – 6, 17; 2 Sam. 17: 23; Judges 16: 26 – 27; Acts 16: 27; 1 Kings 16:18.

Indeed, the suicide rate in the country is on the rise. Although there is no statistics to show the number of victims, suicide reports are recorded all the time. Not long ago, Nigerians were regarded as the happiest people on earth. But not anymore; Nigerians are so sad that they are now killing themselves. Even those who appear to be rich and happy are also involved.