Photos: Shoemaker & Wife Lament As They Welcome Triplets In Uyo, Couple Begs Nigerians For Help

shoemaker wife 3 babies uyo

June 3rd, 2016 – Pictures: Uyo Shoemaker & Wife Lament As They Welcome Triplets, Couple Begs Nigerians For Financial Help

A thing of joy has met with sadness for the family of Mr and Mrs Okon of Obio Etoi area of Uyo who just welcomed three baby boys.

The Akwa Ibom indigenes who already have two children wanted a child more only to be blessed with a set of triplets.

A doctor close to the family , Essiet Ime took to Facebook to appeal for financial support for the family.

To assist them, please visit Dyme Hospital and Maternity ward at #10 Edem Urua Street in Uyo.

See more photos of the couple and their babies below

12 thoughts on “Photos: Shoemaker & Wife Lament As They Welcome Triplets In Uyo, Couple Begs Nigerians For Help

  1. mexican woman delivered her own triplets and was thanking God for giving her triplets,but naija woman don born her own triplets and be beging for help bcus of hardship and economic situation of naija,my sister no worry God wil u and ur children.

  2. A shoe maker with two children, looking for one more in the current Nigerian economic situation? sometimes common sense is needed.

  3. God bless those babies. He will surely make provision for them. No information is provided as to how to send donations to the family?

  4. @ Sharon Stone, you can also be the pioneer HELPER on NG forum, what do you think?

    Wow! Triplets Boys! Such a blessing! I will sell everything I have to raise them.

    But seriously, all these multiple births most times dont really choose or let me say, know where they‘re going.

    Just imagine, what is a Triplets Boys doing in the poor home of a common shoemaker who can barely take good care of his family without your own troubles? When if it were in other well to do family, they would not only be welcome but would have been taken to Europe, USA, UK etc to be giving birth to. Chai… Wonders!

    I take a stroll…

  5. The question is how long will the public continue to donate for the upkeep of these children? A joyous thing as this should have no reason to be a thing of sorrow at the same time.

  6. Is a thing of joy, but it happened to poor couple. The God that created coconut, will always give it water. Thank you Lord, your ways are not our ways.

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