Sandra Duru Eluobi’s Husband Blasts Nigerian American Who Falsely Accused His Wife


June 3rd, 2016 – Sandra Eluobi Duru’s Husband Blasts Nigerian American Who Falsely Accused His Wife

Few days ago, a US citizen accused heavily pregnant Nigerian woman Sandra Eluobi Duru of trying to get her into problem… If you missed the story, please read it here.

The husband of the accused has responded.

Read his own version of his wife story below:

Edith all the lies you told me about my wife was cool, but you coming out here is indeed preposterous, firstly to all my people that has commented on this hideous and tedious thread please ignore this.

My wife Dr Sandra Eluobi left from Nigeria to USA with 5, 000 US dollars five thousand US dollars, i dropped her off off at the airport my self, we are not hungry, God in his infinite mercy has vigorously blessed us, there is nothing like domestic violence, i ve never for one day lay my hand on my lovely and beautiful wife, all the while she stayed with Edyth she paid all her bills, i also sent extra five thousand dollars from Nigeria.. On regards to the visa weeps and caprices she helped people gain visa via our NGO preeadult affairs organization on a free basis no charge at all, these people would be attending two different conference one in USA and one in Canada just to ensure peaceful coexistence.

This NGO has been in existence even before we got married, please visit our website this is a UN recognized NGO.

The Unity and peace project would be unveiled soon there is nothing like scam.

i am the Chairman of this said preadult affairs organization, we don’t charge people for conference all you need to do is, pay your conference fees directly not even to any of the staffs personal bank account details, i vividly understand what is going here but hey writer you shouldn’t have gone this far just to ridicule my wife’s status in the society, we might not be too rich but we are very comfortable by God’s grace i believe in just one thing what goes around comes around who ever cooked up such awful, flippant and frivolous lies against my God’s given wife should go seek for Christ because you so truly need Jesus i so much love you my wife till Jesus comes.