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nigerian army suicide uyo akwa ibom


Body Of Nigerian Army Officer Found Hanging From Tree In Uyo Akwa Ibom

nigerian army officer hangs himself tree uyo akwa ibom

Body Of Nigerian Army Officer Found Hanging From Tree In Uyo Akwa Ibom State

The Nigerian Army recently confirmed the distressing demise of Lieutenant Alphonsus Alexander Kalthy Bazza, whose body was discovered in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

On the night of Saturday, November 11, 2023, Lt. Bazza’s body was found in a disturbing state, hanging from a tree in a secluded bush area. The circumstances surrounding his death were unusual, as it appeared that he had used a mosquito net to hang himself.

Lt. Bazza, a father of two, hailed from Adamawa State. His untimely and tragic end has raised several questions and concerns within the military community and beyond.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, November 14, Major Danjuma Jonah Danjuma, serving as the Acting Deputy Director for the 6 Division Army Public Relations, acknowledged the unfortunate incident. He emphasized that the Army was conducting a thorough investigation into this matter to understand the sequence of events leading up to the tragedy.

The loss of Lt. Bazza has sent ripples of sorrow through the ranks of the Nigerian Army, as colleagues and friends grapple with the news of his passing. His family, too, has been plunged into mourning, dealing with the shock and grief of losing a loved one in such a sudden and perplexing manner.

nigerian army suicide uyo akwa ibom

The investigation seeks to provide clarity on the circumstances surrounding Lt. Bazza’s death, examining various aspects to determine if there were any underlying issues or external factors involved. The military is keen on understanding the factors that may have led to such a drastic decision, considering the wellbeing and mental health of its personnel as a matter of utmost importance.

As the investigation continues, the Nigerian Army remains committed to supporting the bereaved family during this challenging time. The focus is on offering them the necessary assistance and ensuring that the inquiry into Lt. Bazza’s death is comprehensive and conclusive.

Lt. Bazza’s demise has also sparked conversations about the mental health and wellbeing of military personnel, highlighting the need for adequate psychological support systems within the armed forces. This tragic incident serves as a somber reminder of the challenges faced by those who serve in the military and the importance of providing them with the necessary support to cope with the demands of their profession.

As the Nigerian Army delves deeper into this investigation, it hopes to uncover the truth behind Lt. Bazza’s tragic end and, in doing so, pave the way for better support mechanisms for its personnel in the future. The military community, alongside Lt. Bazza’s family and friends, awaits the findings of this inquiry, hoping for answers that might bring some closure to this heartbreaking event.

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