Photos: Slim Tea Nigeria Says Ini Edo Losing Weight With Tea ONLY, Begins ‘Be Like Ini’ Campaign

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Feb 23, 2016 – Pictures:Slim Tea Nigeria Says Ini Edo Losing Weight With Tea ONLY, Begins ‘Be Like Ini Edo’ Campaign

Nigeria’s top organic tea producer, Slim Tea recently hired Nollywood actress Ini Edo to market one of their detox products.

A new campaign tagged “Be Like Ini Edo” just started to market the 28-day detox product to fans of Ini Edo and others battling weight gain.

This is Ini Edo’s first promo shoot for Slim Tea Nigeria.

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Do you believe Tea is enough to maintain a healthy weight?

65 thoughts on “Photos: Slim Tea Nigeria Says Ini Edo Losing Weight With Tea ONLY, Begins ‘Be Like Ini’ Campaign

  1. It is a lie you can’t lose weight drinking tea only.
    Portion control,exercises, reduction in carb intact is part of losing weight
    Slim tea is an expensive tea, it is a scam

  2. This is the height of it. How can this people market what they themselves know won’t slim anyone except you do good exercise. I sorry for people who will rush this product because this advert.

  3. people really should be care what they bring into the country and consump, you hear of cancer everyday and everywhere

  4. people really should be careful and vigilant, what goes inside the stomach never comes out oooo, think hard what they bring into the country and consump, you hear of cancer everyday and everywhere… please

  5. Is does’nt consigns me. Persin weyris dey fat make the persin drinking the tea. I am not send anybody. Make Ms Eranko also follow to drink the tea bicos she is dey fat well well. She is dey fat like GP tank.

  6. Bench you go kill me with laugh so ms Eranko fat like GP tank,ah ebi like say na wheel barrow u de use de push ms Eranko be dat omo see level????????

    • Hi i just starteď taking d tea yestiday and could nt sleep up till dis i am feeling dehydrated. I have drank close to 10 liters of water between 2hours.

  7. Please do not be deceived,it helps in detoxification which is true but taking this in 28 days or 56 days and u think u go from a size 16 to a size 10 is a big lie,it’s really unfair to capitalise on desperate people who really want to loose weight just to make a profit. .. Please do not be mislead.

  8. Hmmmm…..
    This is Serious ooo.
    Which is to believe?
    My belly fast is giving me concern.
    And I need to slim down….really.

    • Clean 9 is the fist step to a two stage weight management program that is guaranteed to help you loose weight if you are faithful to the program and the exercises included. i am currently doing the program and it is working for me.(i won’t lie …. it is difficult but i can see results)

  9. It’s sad that so many people don’t like garlic if u are fat And want to slim down the best thing to do is to make garlic juice with warm water and drink Morning and evening for just 30days and u would be amazed with the out come mostly effective when u don’t eat too much

  10. Hmmmmmmm. Cleans 9 highest scam, u won’t eat for 3 days u will definitely shade some weight den u will buy fit 1 to stay on track. As for the slim tea it’s only the celebrities who has ever testified to it. God have mercy on us

  11. Clean worked perfectly for me.I followed it religiously.The only exercise i did was walk every Saturday. I was size 18 and dropped to 12.It was not an easy task but when you have a goal to achieve.Just stay focus to achieve it

  12. I tried two different product and I lost just 1-2 kg after 2 packs each coupled with me exercising for 1 hr and I even portion control my food. All these weight loss product are just waste of money and to see the way some people praise them on their review site with pictures na wa o.So now I am going to stick with green tea,garlic,exercise and portion control my diet.

    • Try green world slimming tea and interstan tea in 4day u will be amazed in 1month u will achieve all u want

  13. If u really want to get flat tummy and trim down just get green world slimming tea and interstan tea miss it today and use it first thing in the morning and last thing at night,and don’t eat one is 6pm then bring back result in 4days then in one month u will be amazed

  14. Everybody is advertising their product. Slimtea or clean 9. If it will work for you other will if it won’t it won’t. Stop spoiling people’s businesses.

  15. I can’t really tell about this Slim ten but I will really love to speak it the owner of this Slim tea company to confirm there product if is real.

    • Is very real. Slimming tea is real. I have purchased it and it works very well. I have used it for 28days and I hv lost weight is
      really good

  16. The truth is that they are always people out there that has negative saying about other peoples good deed, I should tell u 28 days detox worked every well for me and I have lost a lot of weight and now I am planing on getting another pack because its the perfect slim tea anyone cud ever take. Do not be discourage on getting this product OK ignore the negative comment and give it a try

    CALL/WATSAPP 08****233

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