Photos: Soldier Crushed To Death By LAG Bus On BRT Lane In Ikorodu Lagos, Colleagues Set Buses On Fire

soldier crushed to death

July 4, 2014 – Pictures: Nigerian Soldier Crushed To Death By LAG Bus On BRT Lane In Ikorodu Lagos, Colleagues Set Buses On Fire

Angry soldiers today went on rampage to protest the death of their colleagues in Palmgroove area of Ikorodu Lagos.

The irate soldiers set 8 BRT-LAG buses on fire before moving on to attack innocent civilians.

According to eyewitnesses, 2 soldiers riding on BRT lane were struck by a LAGBUS around 9am on Friday. The incident left one of them dead with the other slightly injured.

The injured soldier was said to have rushed to a nearby barracks to mobile his colleagues to the scene of the accident.

Immediately the soldiers arrived, they swung into action, taking laws into their hands and vandalising all the Rapid Transit Buses in sight.

They sent passengers and bus drivers scampering for safety as they unleashed their anger on the buses and spread panic around the area. A female soldier was captured on camera smashing the windshield of one of the buses.

The chaos and pandemonium led to traffic snarls with commuter bus drivers turning back or increasing their fares.

See photos from Ikorodu Lagos today

Must they destroy government properties for their own error. BRT Lane is restricted to BRT & LAGBus so what are they doing there.

These soldiers self their wahala too much.

May the soul of the deceased soldier rest in peace.

23 thoughts on “Photos: Soldier Crushed To Death By LAG Bus On BRT Lane In Ikorodu Lagos, Colleagues Set Buses On Fire

  1. so so bad, why are they taking laws into their hands?, why not allow the law to take it course, why destroying govt properties? but Lagos state govt should caution the bus drivers and also give them orientation because of the way they drive on the road, this is going to cause a very big transport problem in Lagos.

  2. its is only in Nigeria that such a thing could happen
    soldiers taken law into their hands
    R.i.p the deceased

  3. They must not go scot free. What rubbish? What were they doing on the BRT lane? This is the height of lawlessness and they deserve to be dismissed and court marshalled plus the Army must replace these buses.
    Absolutely disgraceful the should go and vent their spleen in Chibok. Lazy people.

  4. This is absolutely ridiculous.
    These soldiers must all be fished out and punished, inclusive of their Commanding Officer!!!

  5. Nkita atala okpukpu anyawara n’olu. The soldiers must be brought to book. What a lawless state?

  6. How could these mere miscreants be allowed to take the law into their hands???!!!
    This is absolutely bizarre and crazy.
    The Commanding-Officer and Provost-Marshall of the barrack should be made to face the wrath of the law.
    If it were Boko-Haram that struck their colleagues, I bet they would all flee the scene.

  7. so bad news at lagos state this morning,why soldiers we take a law at there hand.please let are government take the law.but in other way does B.R.T we need to blam them also,few of them are not perfect in driving.R.I.P

  8. Abeg let’s hear word,i tot dem even comot d drivers eyes,pls if u don’t drive 2ru Ikorodu road abeg just hold ur comment,u need 2 c d way dis brt drivers drive,do u knw hw many souls av bn lost due 2 their careless drivin,2day is pay day for dem,but am not happy dem only burn d buses,dem 4get 2 brutalize d crazy drivers,y naooo,nd on a more serious note I’m glad d soldiers did wat dey did,nd by d way don’t dis brt drive 2ru normal lanes too?soooooo bcos d soldiers drove 2ru brt lane there is problem now abi??,nd remember dat som1 somwhere just lost a loved 1,dat can’t b replaced,so let’s av a concience,even if it’s just a little!!!,n nijagist better post my comment cos twas sent wit so much pain in my heart!

    • ur very correct, dem 2 use to take law into der hand too, many times i saw dem seize d willbarow of mallams. hear in germany d bus drivers must think d safty of his pasengers, if u by mistake enter a bus or tram lane, dey will nt hit u, istead mash d break. even molu drivers a better dan dem

  9. I support what Faihi said. All of u dat comment that what d soldiers dis was wrong, if is were to b ur person dat died would you comment dat way. So u value government property than human life. Do government care about u? @Dapo bcos they r soldiers so they should all go to sambisa forest and die bcos they r protecting Nigerians, those that died in d Sambisa forest has Government compesate their family? If u see d bomb blast that happen in the North, is it d resent one dat happen, see pple flesh on d ground u will wipe 4 them. Pls u pple shuld mind what u say. Yoruba say. Eni to kan lomo.

  10. It’s rily suprisin nd astonishin dat our so called enforcement agents dat re supposed 2 knw wat 2 do @ any point of disorder nd public unrest re d ones causin pandemonium nd upheveal.I undastnd their pains nd feelins ova d death of their colleagues bt dat is nt d best tin 2 do.We ve got 2 learn hw 2 handle critical situation lik dis in a tactful nd adroit way inorder 2 avoid more destruction.

  11. @Eni Ti Obi Iru Eni Kole Mo Iyi Eni
    Do you realise that nobody forced anyone in the military to join? Rather, they all joined on their own volition and accord.
    So, I wonder why you are making excuses for them that they are human… The fact remains they have sworn an oath to defend the sovereignty of the country, so who cares!!!
    I am utterly amazed that you could reason in such a myopic manner.
    I live in UK. And a year and few months ago, a soldier was brutally killed at Woolwich few meters away from his barrack but the fellow soldiers didn’t go berserk on the streets to retaliate or avenge his death.
    Please, for heaven’s sake, let us endeavour to think deeply when commenting on this forum because we are being read by the whole world.
    A word, they say, is enough for the wise.

    • @dapo y can’t u reason 4 ONCE who send u go UK self usein what happen dere compare to wat happen in niger, bcos dey sworn an oath it means dat dey shud all die protecting niger, but all d same i don’t blame u asumi na ur relative b d person wey die i imagi how u go talk or sense,u beter go back to ur UK

  12. it is sad that things like this still happens around us, this jungle method is not it,are d other buses involved in the soldier killing? the brt drivers are careless though,the driver should prosecuted,the soldiers fished out and send to sambisa forrest to get our girls,may the soul of the dead RIP’ bye.

  13. Faihi.. You re not with ****. And I don’t think You Know Anything about point is, Every driver In Lagos are Reckless.including the Highway. And again., what re dos Soldiers doing on brt Lane.? Mayb u answer that. Brt lane is Restricting area. Just like a TRAIN. Let Call a spade a Spade.what did Driver Did to the Soldiers was Right. Bcos u re A Force man dos not mean you should relax, and sleep on Brt Lane. R.I.P soldiers. One Love. Thank You

  14. @dapo,there are some people U don’t have to reply their comment. Just ignore them and post your own comment. That is why Nigeria cannot be corruption free. Everyone knows the death of a loved one brings pains but it will be totally wrong especially for any law enforcement agent that sworn oath to protect and serve the country to put laws in their own hands.

  15. Adeola omoba,u r a ***,nd shud be addressed as one,ur *** shud hav named ur amoeba,cos ur***** is so ****,thus can’t reason well,then mashal,im sure u r one of those brt drivers,if u guys hav a prob wit my comments y not take a dive nd *****,*****,so life now mean nothin to u ***,i feel sorry for ur *****until u boys hav to loose a love one,then u’ll knw how it is!!!

  16. Wat do u call “RUDE”???,marshal u need to visit nursery ii,cos u just wan write wetin u no sabi or understand,but ur head is blank!

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