Tiwa Savage’s N75Million House At Richmond Gate Estate In Lekki Lagos Locked Up

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May 8, 2016 – Pictures: Tiwa Savage’s N75Million Mansion At Haven Homes Richmond Gate Estate In Lekki Lagos Locked Up, Singer Bans Security Guards From Entertaining Visitors

Mavin songstress Tiwa Savage is among the top celebrities living at Richmond Gate Estate in Lekki Lagos, a serene estate by Haven Homes at Ikate Elegushi area of Lekki Lagos.

From the gate of the estate, one can see rows of beautiful houses in the estate.

Two security men decked in well-starched uni­form stand sentry at the gate.

As The Sun crew approached, one of them walked towards the team and popped the ques­tion: “Please who do you want to see.”

He was told that the team was going see a resident of the estate, but he demanded that the person should be called on the phone before the team would be granted entry. When the many pleas of the team fell on deaf ears, The Sun crew then disclosed its mission: to see Tiwa Savage. And that instantly made him very unfriendly, and asked to know whether there was an appointment with her.

richmond gate estate lekki lagos

“Oga, you can’t see anyone in this estate except you call the person on phone and he or she must tell us to allow you in. Every occupant has their instruction and Tiwa Savage has given us instruction not to let anybody that comes to look for her into the estate without her permission,” the gatekeeper said with a tone of finality.

After the encounter with the gatekeeper, The Sun crew struck up a conversation with a middle-aged man seen some meters away from the gate, wanting to ascertain whether the songstress actually lives in the estate.

He said: “I am allowed to enter this estate because I work there. Tiwa Savage stays here but I haven’t seen her since the information about her marriage crisis went viral on the inter­net. I got to know about it like every other person.

haven homes estate lekki lagos

“I saw her with her husband in December last year inside a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SUV. Her husband was driving the vehicle out of the estate. Sometimes when I see her, I will wave at her and she would wave back. Apart from that, I don’t have a personal relation­ship with her.”

The worker explained that some other artistes also live in the estate: “Tiwa Savage is not the only artiste staying in this estate. We have Iyanya, Timaya, MI, AY (comedian) and others living here. Even TuFace Idibia has a house here and his wife, Annie Macaulay comes here regularly.

He added: “Some occupants of the estate bought land and built duplexes on it while others bought semi-detached duplex from the company that manages the estate. “

[Sunday Sun]

19 thoughts on “Tiwa Savage’s N75Million House At Richmond Gate Estate In Lekki Lagos Locked Up

  1. But I didn’t see anywhere its written here that her house is been locked up. All these nonsense is what her stupid husband caused for her. She’s now always in the news.

  2. What caught my attention was actually the estate,not the story.As an architect,i’m proud to see estate developers taking the modern & comtemporary approach to buildings in Nigeria.Nice piece of architecture they have there.and 75m for that is a bargain unless if the pics i’m seeing are mean’t to deceive.but if it’s true,hope to get one myself by his grace.

  3. Instruction is instruction and the security man should obey his employers if he wants to keep his job. Failed marriage is no crime so the lady should be allowed some peaceful enjoyment of her home abeg

  4. All in the name of living a fake live ,infact behind all of them there is a story.We just need to wait when the wind blows we will all see the anus of the fows.Naija please take things easy

  5. Tiwa pls learn frm yr mistakes,u dnt match bizness nd love/marriage 2gether.bizness shd be purely bizness nd love/marriage is another thing entirely.so dis is lesson 4 others.so move on my dear,life goes on’

  6. tiwa life is sweet oo, my dear dont let Tee Billz spoil your joy for you pls live it and enjoy it take care of your babe

  7. Yes… that is how it is suppose to be… You dont visit people uninvited. She needs her privacy.if u get money na wahala,if u no get u re in hell. I dont just understand.. Tiwa live ur life anyhow u like abeg. na ur hustle.

  8. I personally don’t really know whether Towards lives in her beautiful house or not. And neither do I care or judge her for where she now finds herself, as that’s all HER private life.
    However what the rest of us MUST learn, and THINK about is that the LIFE is more than all these things with which we Nigerians are so UNIQUELY obsessed.

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